October 12 2011

Lyman Enrollment Dips to 351

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Lyman Enrollment Dips to 351




Enrollment at Lyman School is down 16 students from the start of the school year approximately six weeks ago.

Superintendent Douglas Eppard told the Lyman School Board Monday night that as of Friday, Sept. 30 351 students were enrolled. “That’s nine fewer kids since last month’s board meeting,” said Mr. Eppard. “But, it is where I thought we might be.”

The last day of September is the day schools across the state record enrollment numbers to be used for school funding. Schools may use the actual number or if it is lower than the previous year, it can be averaged with the number from last year to determine the Average Daily Attendance.

Lyman had 370 students enrolled last year.. According to Mr. Eppard, it would be in the best interest of the school to take a two-year average. The adjusted enrollment number will be submitted to the state will be 360.

If nothing changes in current school funding, Lyman will receive about $130,000 less in state funding based on this enrollment number stated the superintendent.

Superintendent Eppard reported on the recent Impact Aid Conference he attended in Washington, DC. While there he learned that due to the number of students enrolled at Lyman that live on tax exempt lands such as the Lower Brule Reservation, Lyman is now classified a Significantly Impacted School which should result in more Federal Impact Aid dollars.

Follow the rest of the story in this weeks issue of the Lyman County Herald

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