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No City elections planned

Posted by Lucy

No City Elections Planned 

      There will be no city elections in Presho, Kenenbec or Reliance in April due to lack of nominating petitions.

      In Presho, Angela Ehlers, WARD III and Bill Lengkeek, WARD I were the only current city council members to file valid nominating petitions for 2-year terms on the City Council. Lengkeek had been appointed last year to fill a vacancy until the next election and with no challenger, he will take that office in May. Ehlers will be sworn in for another term, also.

      Darrin Mayer, Ward II and Cody Volmer, Ward III were also appointed in the past year to fill vacancies up until the next election. Neither Mayer or Volmer filed a petition.

      The council could appoint Mayer and Volmer to continue to serve in their respective Wards until the next election in 2013 or appoint someone else to serve at their reorganzation meeting.

      In Kennebec nominating petitions from current townboard members Travis Almond and Michelle Langenbau were the only ones filed with the finance officer.

      Ron McManus was the only person to file a nominating petition for the Reliance town board.

      The reorganization meetings of cities and towns will be in May.

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