August 08 2012

Riding a Bicycle Built for Two

Posted by Lucy

      Riding a bicycle built for two, or a divorce-cycle, as Holly Bahnsen has heard it referred to can be a real challenge to any relationship.  But, for Holly and her boyfriend Colin Swanson the first half of their cycling trip from Vermont to Portland, Oregon has gone relatively smooth.

      "The heat is what gets us," said Holly while standing in the shade on the north side of the West Central Electric building in Presho last Wednesday, August 1.

      The couple had traveled from Chamberlain that morning and arrived in Presho around noon. They decided to stay in town the reminder of the day in hopes of cooler temperatures the next morning.
      Colin and Holly, both cyclists, had little experience riding tandem when they started their trip June 22.

      They pulled a small trailer loaded with a tent, a cook set and a few personal items. "Loaded with food and water it probably weighs 60 to 65 pounds," said Colin. 

      The couple is riding to bring awareness to celiac disease. 

      Colin who suffers from gluten intolerance has found it difficult to find gluten free products in the rural areas they have traveled through. "There’s not a lot of options," said Colin in reference to food.

      But, despite the heat and lack of food choices, the couple appeared to be enjoying the challenge of riding across the country on a bicycle built for two and hope to arrive on the West Coast in September.

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