NewsJune 19 2013

Mowing of the state right-of- way

Posted by Lucy

      PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Department of Transportation would like to remind landowners that mowing of the right of way may not begin east of the Missouri River before July 10.

      Mowing of the right of way in Gregory, Lyman and Tripp counties could begin on June 15.

      If a person who is not the abutting landowner wishes to mow the interstate highway right of way, he must apply for a permit and include a waiver signed by the abutting landowner.

      Contact information for the region engineer is available on the DOT website at

      The Permit to Occupy the Right of Way application is located on the DOT website at

      The department may mow medians and areas within the rights of way prior to July 10 to control noxious weeds and provide increased safety to the traveling public.

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