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GLF Nearing Goal

Posted by Lucy

GLF Nearing Goal
    Greater Lyman Foundation currently has a total of $474,819.95 in actual donations, as it closes in on its next donation goal of $500,000. Once the total reaches $500,000 it matches a challenge from The South Dakota Community Foundation, which will result in GLF receiving a $20,000.00 grant from SDCF. 
   Very significant donations were made in 2017 from Virgil Miller $10,000, Jim Fulwider $1,300.06 in bushels of wheat, Town of Oacoma $1,000, Wayne & Dorothy Monson $1,000, Raymond & Jeanne Chaussee $1,000, Adam & Aaron Schindler $500, Stephen & Marla Hayes $500 and Kent & Mildred Hamiel $500. 
   Other generous donations have been made by James Lindley, Matt & Christie Collins, Dr. Janice Ebersdorfer, Rodney Sather, Dale & Sherry Lulf, Dennis & Joan Kenzy, Pal & Joyce Jessop, Francis Milnar, Gary & Connie Grittner, Jean Ann Brakke, Justin & Lisa Jessop, Lyman County Title Company, Meta Halverson, Ron & Mary Hendricks, Roy & Leah England, Ryan & Lorlen Husman, Shelli Collins, Steve & Renee Thomas, Wade & Chyree Hamiel and William & Pamela Reis. 
   Designated donations were made in honor of Pete Swinson, Mary Jo & Cooper Garnos, Melinda & Donnie McManus, Janice & Dave Moore, Barb Concannon, Paul Reuman, Joe & Sharon Connot, Dean & Marion Brakke, Ben Reifel, Casey Uthe, Leonard & Joan Potter, Scott & Julie Muirhead and Gerry Sylva. 
   Memorials were made by Kim & Lucy Halverson, Cloe Collins, Rodney Sather, Jeff & Stacy Tveit, Carol Birgen & Mike Sprenger, Bob & Lesa Patrick, Brian & Melody Hohn, Bryan & Dana Kouri, Donnie & Melinda McManus, Donny & Sheila Manger, Duane & Diane Sather, Edith Holmquist, Eugene & Betty Jean Mertens, Eva Miller, Frank & Martha Brost, Herb & Deanna Sundall, Jim & Carol Sundall, Jean Ann Brakke, Justin & Lisa Jessop, Lela Knudson, Mary Lou Gilman, Merle & Marlene Aamot, Meta Halverson, Michael & Nola Ambur, Mike & Marlene Reuman, Owen & Sally Garnos Pam Michalek, Paul & LaVerne Olson, Randy & Julie Holmquist, Raymond & Jean Moore, Richard & Linda Vavra, Rodney & Darlene Cudmore, Rodney Sather, Ruth Ann McManus, Steven & Barbara Roth, Swinson Family, Verne & Debbie Brakke, Wade & Chyree Hamiel and Wayne & Dorothy Monson. 
   Memorials were given in memory of Gordon Garnos, Laddy Christensen, Jamie Collins, Inez Schoulte, Palmer Strom, Edwin “Punk” Strom, Ronald Juhnke, Robert Krier, Chief Dave Bald Eagle, James Neiger, Linda Cole, Doreine Anderson, Pete Swinson, Clint Roberts, Jerry Smith, Lindy Patrick, Les & Delores Patrick, Marie Houchin, Ray Sanderson, Donny Manger, Joe Hieb, Leland Isburg, Tom Sweeney, Benjamin Authier, Dale Hofwolt, Hazel Juhnke, Paul “Cork” Reuman, Gerry Houchin, Cecelia Hofwolt, Eddie Lillebo, Dorothy Stewart, Everett Terca, LeRoy Wagaman, Sandy Dyson, Bob Sundall, Marvin “Shorty” Schoon, Marjorie Farmer, Sheila Manger, Don Williams, Betty Albers Hicks, Robert Bonestell, Paul Hofwolt, Edward Johnson, Carmen Madsen, Virginia LeAnn Robbins, Colonel Zane Vincent Kortum, James “Bob” Hansen, Helen Louder, Josephine Schoenfelder, Gwen Hoffer, Trinity Surat, Robert Loe and Shorty Marshall. 
   The GLF Board greatly appreciates all donations, according to Board Chair Herb Sundall, and thanks everyone for their support. 
   The GLF Board recently held its annual election. Elected to Board of Director positions were: Jim Fulwider, Bruce Eymer, and Lyman High School Representative. 
   Officers elected for 2018 were: Chairman Herb C. Sundall, 1st Vice Chairman Justin Jessop, 2nd Vice Chairman Jim Fulwider, Secretary Crystal Brakke and Treasurer Janet Schindler. 
   The Board reminds donors that it is not too late to make a tax deductible charitable gift to GLF for 2017. Send your donations to Greater Lyman Foundation, PO Box 187, Kennebec, SD 57544. 
   The GLF Board wishes a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

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