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GLF Goal: 500 by 5-5

Posted by Lucy

GLF Goal: 500 by 5-5
    The Greater Lyman Foundation’s next donation goal is $500,000. At their last meeting the Board of Directors decided to try and reach that goal by its annual spring event, which is set for May 5, 2018 in Vivian. 
   Board member Judge Jessop suggested a slogan of “500 by 5-5” to headline our drive for the goal. The Board agreed and hence “500 by 5-5” was born. 
   Once the $500,000 goal is reached the Foundation also qualifies for a $25,000 donation from the South Dakota Community Foundation. Such means as soon as GLF reaches $500,000 we will immediately go to $525,000. 
   GLF current principal donations are at $479,534.95 meaning we need to raise approximately $20,500 to reach our goal by the May 5th spring event. 
   Viewed in another manner GLF needs 205 people in the community to give $100 each, or we need 41 people to give $500 each, or 21 people to give $1000 each, or some combination thereof. 
   Can we do it? With YOUR help we can! 
   The GLF Board asks YOU to send your check to Greater Lyman Foundation at PO Box 187, Kennebec, SD 57544 as soon as possible. Help us reach our goal of “500 by 5-5”!!!

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