NewsFebruary 28 2018

Presho and Kennebec to hold city elections April 10th

Posted by Lucy

Presho and Kennebec to hold city elections April 10th 
   The cities of Presho and Kennebec will hold city elections Tuesday, April 10, 2018 to elect one council member in Presho and two town board members in Kennebec. Reliance will not hold an election as Brandon Bacon was the only candidate to file a nominating petition.  
   The town of Kennebec had two 3-year terms up for election which was held by Rod Bowar and Michelle Langenbau. As of the deadline last Friday petitions had been filed with the town finance officer for Rod Bowar, Ben Oldenkamp, and Hunter Schindler. 
   Presho elects city council members by WARDS. In WARD I, one seat was up for election and current council member Bill Lengkeek was the only person to file. In WARD III, council member Angela Ehlers was the only one to file. 
   In WARD II Marchelle Carson, did not turn in a petition. An election will be held between Chad Penny and Tony Urban, who both filed for the 3-year term in WARD II. 
   City elections will be held Tuesday, April 10, 2018. All registered voters in the town of Kennebec are eligible to vote.  
   In Presho, only those living in WARD II will be eligible to vote.

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