NewsOctober 24 2018

Road Haul Agreement with Lyman County being negotiated

Posted by Lucy

Road Haul Agreement with Lyman County being negotiated
By Lucy Halverson/LCH
   At the May 22, 2018 Lyman County Commission meeting, representatives from TransCanada met with the commission to discuss a road haul agreement through the county for the Keystone XL pipeline project. 
   According to Lyman County States Attorney Steve Smith, the previous haul agreement, established between the county and TransCanada nearly eight years ago, no longer applied and a new agreement was needed. 
   Trans Canada has been in negotiations with all the counties in the path of the pipeline to establish an agreement on which roads can be used for transporting equipment and materials. Smith stated he expects TransCanada will present the new agreement to the Lyman County Commission at an upcoming meeting in November. 
   It’s an all encompassing agreement.... that will hold TransCanada responsible for damages to county roads and bridges caused during the construction of the pipeline by Keystone contractors, emergency responders as well as protesters,” said Smith. “It’s quite a victory for the counties.” 
   The Keystone XL pipeline will cross the southwestern corner of Lyman County for roughly 12- miles before crossing the White River into Tripp county.

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