NewsFebruary 13 2019

Irish legend lives on in Presho

Posted by Lucy

Irish legend lives on in Presho 
 As Irish Legend has it, a group o’ Irishmen and women were gathered in the local Irish pub to make plans for the fast-approaching Saint Patrick’s Day holiday, only a week in the future.  They decided that it was only fitting to host a parade in the Saint’s honor!  And what a Grand Saint indeed!  The group departed, but once again assembled on March the 17, 1983.  After raising a pint to the Good Saint and his emerald isle, they stepped outside to find a car bedecked with shamrocks, surely a sign from God!  The group of 18 piled into the sedan and proceeded to drag main, in the middle of the night, honking the horn!  And though no one saw Presho’s first parade, it’s safe to say that everyone heard it!  
 Ireland has always had St. Pat’s celebrations, which involved going to Mass, eating bacon and cabbage, music and dancing.  The tradition o’ corned beef and cabbage is an American rendition on the Irish dish.  Ireland only started having parades after the tradition started in the US.  Yet it’s a tradition that has spread the world over; a celebration of all things Irish, really something for everybody.  We continue this great tradition in Presho with the Shamrock Shuffle, St. Pat’s parade, rummage sales and Irish food and drink.  See you on Saturday March 16 for the Grandest celebration this side o’ the Emerald Isle!

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