July 07 2006

Wheat harvest starts early

Posted by Nicole

Farmers in the Kennebec area started harvesting winter wheat on Monday, June 26, the earliest date some long time farmers ever remember harvest starting. Winter wheat yield reports vary greatly around the county from as low as 10-13 bushels per acre up to 60 depending on crop rotation. Continuous crop yields are down but wheat planted on summer fallow appears to be doing much better this year under the drought conditions.

The Kennebec elevator was open Sunday afternoon but the wait was short as trucks were dumping at both the elevator and condo sites. Todd Longville, assistant manager at the Farmers Union Coop Elevator, stated this was the earliest wheat harvest he has experienced.

With drought conditions affecting the winter wheat yields from Texas to North Dakota, the only bright spot for farmers harvesting wheat is the selling price. As of Monday, the elevator in Kennebec was paying $4.76 for new crop, which is about $1.79 more than last year’s price on July 5, of $2.97 per bushel.

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