NewsApril 23 2014

Running for the gold - Egg!

Posted by Lucy

Participants in the annual Kennebec T&C Club Easter Egg Hunt take off from the start line in pursuit of candy filled eggs and the prized golden egg good for the grand prize - a large toy filled Easter Basket.  Jake Millard (Nathan & Lindsey) of Presho was the lucky winner in the older kids' division.  Leading the charge down the hill west of the courthouse were Morgan Schelske (Wyatt & Michelle), left, and John Gronewold (Kerry Hamer), right.

NewsApril 23 2014

Emergency fire sirens to be tested in Presho Thursday

Posted by Lucy

National Severe Weather Preparedness week will be observed across South Dakota April 21-25, 2014.

It’s a time to focus attention to the severe weather that can be experienced during the spring and summer months.

In Presho the local fire department will offer test sirens on Thursday, April 24 to allow residents to hear the difference between a fire siren and a tornado siren. The test will start at 10:00 am.

10:30 am, a test of the fire siren will be issued. The siren goes up in volume, then down, and then up again, nine times to allow local firemen to hear the siren and get to the firehall.

10:40 am, a test of the tornado siren will be issued. The tornado siren is a steady sound and will run for two minutes to allow residents the chance to take shelter. The tornado siren is only actived when a tornado is in the immediate area and threatening the city of Presho.

The sirens are being tested by the fire department as a public service to the community of Presho.

NewsApril 16 2014

United Methodist holds Easter celebration

Posted by Lucy

Children line up on the sidewalk in front of the United Methodist Church at Presho before the start of the 2nd annual Egg Hunt and Easter Celebration Saturday, April 12.  Chace Seaboy (pointing) eyes an egg hidden in the grass and points it out to his friend next to him.  In addition to hunting for candy-filled eggs the children also participated in musical entertainment, cookie decorating, and face painting.  A large number of children attended the event sponsored by church volunteers.

NewsApril 09 2014

"As seen on TV"

Posted by Lucy

Lyman band members l-r: Quinn Lulf, Chesney Garnos, and Bailey DeJong perform a musical selection at the 27th annual Band Dinners Saturday, April 4 at the Kennebec gym.  See more photos in this week's Lyman County Herald.

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