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Reliance residents express concerns with rezoning in city limits

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Reliance residents express concerns with rezoning in city limits

Approximately 20 people attended a community forum hosted by the Reliance Town Board Monday night to discuss the potential impact the railroad will have on the town once the line is upgraded and reopened to train traffic. 

Guest speakers included Brian McGinnis, Community Development, with Planning and Development, District III, and Bruce Lindholm,  Program Manager, of the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

Lindholm explained the history of funding for the reconstruction of the MRC line from Chamberlain, west to Presho, and clarified  that even if the cost of the rehab project exceeds the estimate, the state is required to complete the work on the line to Presho.

“It’s a line item grant,” said Lindholm in reference to the TIGER grant awarded to the state for the rehab. “Which means we have no choice, the scope of the project is 41.6 miles, from Chamberlain to Presho.”

While preliminary work on the line has started, Lindholm estimated people won’t see any major work until next spring.
Reliance residents in attendance, many who live near the track, expressed concerns about train traffic through town; the additional noise generated and hours of operation.

Lindholm was asked if he knew how many shuttle trains the new load out facility to be built in Kennebec would generate per week. 

Lindholm estimated that 40 to 50 trains could haul grain out of Kennebec per year. 

“During harvest you might see two a week, but normally a couple trains per month is more realistic,” said Lindholm. “They load when they come in, whether that’s two o’clock in the morning or the afternoon. 

The track will be upgraded to Class II which could accommodate trains running at 25 miles per hour, but Lindholm said today Dakota Southern, who leases the line from MRC, operates at about 10 miles per hour on the track east of Chamberlain.

The town board has discussed rezoning residential property along the rail line between Railway Street and Alumni Street to commercial to allow development of new businesses along the railroad.

McGinnis explained that the town board is trying to be proactive and be welcoming to economic growth by addressing zoning issues early. He added that commercial property is taxed at a higher rate than residential or ag land in South Dakota.
“The best new growth for rural counties is through commercial property,” said McGinnis.

Brad Karlen of Reliance owns property along the railroad track, from the east edge of the property owned by Wheat Growers Elevator, on Railway Street,  to the east edge of town. He is actively working to develop the area and bring a Pulse Processing Plant to Reliance that could generate up to 30 jobs.

Property owners expressed concerns over increased truck traffic and the dust and problems that could come with rezoning to allow another grain handling facility to operate in  town.

McGinnis, who would assist the town in the rezoning procedure, explained the process involved from the planning committee, to the public hearings required. He stated conditional uses could be put in place to control what type of commercial businesses would be allowed within the city limits.

"Something is going to happen in Reliance," said McGinnis. “It’s coming. Are you ready?”

NewsNovember 05 2014

Posted by Lucy Halverson

NewsNovember 05 2014

Election results

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Election results from Lyman County

Rep. Jim Schaefer (2430 votes) won re-election to the Legislature, Dist. 26B  over Marty Jandreau (1398 votes) .

In Lyman County Schaefer 781 votes

                                     Jandreau 441

Troy Heinert won Dist. 26 Senate seat 3747 votes to John Koskan's 2882

In Lyman County Heinert took 480 votes

                                    Koskan took 717 votes

NewsOctober 29 2014

Lyman wins in first round playoff game against Stanley Co.

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PRESHO — Lyman (7-2) moves on to the quarterfinal round of the high school playoffs with a 42-32 win over Stanley County Tuesday night.
Lyman was led by Trey Mundlien, who tallied 190 yards on 17 carries for two touchdowns. Korder Cropsey added 115 yard on 16 attempts for two touchdowns. Mundlien was 3-of-4 passing for 79 yards and a touchdown. Bryce Janis tallied four receptions for 86 yards and a touchdown. Leading tacklers for Lyman were Conrad Mohr-Eymer with 16 and Mundlien with 11.
Stanley County's Colten Drageset rushed 162 yards on 17 attempts for one touchdown. Trey Montana rushed 90 yards on eight carries for two touchdowns. Drageset was 3-of-9 passing for 31 yards. Leading tacklers were Lukas Chase with 15 and Damon Hoftiezer with 11.
Lyman plays Gregory in the quarterfinal round Monday, while Stanley County ends its season 5-4.

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