NewsJuly 09 2014

Celebrating Independence, Statehood Vivian style

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Members of the local American Legion led the parade to honor Independence and Statehood in Vivian July 4.  See more photos and a full story on page 2 of this week's issue of the Lyman County Herald.

NewsJuly 07 2014

Wheat Growers ready to build when rail rehab is announced

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Wheat Growers ready to build when rail rehab is announced

Caption Dale Locken, CEO of Wheat Growers Cooperative, used a slide show to explain the company’s plans to build a $40 million load out facility in Lyman County once the rail line is upgraded.   Local patrons attended the meeting held at the Kennebec fire hall Tuesday, June 24. Other meetings were held in Reliance, Presho and Winner.

Representatives from South Dakota Wheat Growers Elevator, including board president Hal Clemensen and CEO Dale Locken spoke at several community meetings held across Lyman County last Tuesday to explain the company’s intent to build a grain shuttle facility in the county.
Clemensen clarified with attendees that a building site had not yet been selected. 
“Despite any rumors you may have heard we have not picked a site,” said Clemensen during his opening comments.
Wheat Growers has publicly committed to building a $40 million facility along the rail line west of Chamberlain if the line is upgraded to heavy rail.
See the July 2, 2014 issue of the Lyman County Herald for the full story.

NewsJune 25 2014

Scavenger's journey to Presho for a bargain

Posted by Lucy

Lois Comp was among vendors offering items for sale to participants of this year's Scavenger's Journey June 20-22 who visited the Lyman County Museum.  Scavengers arriving in Presho Saturday morning enjoyed breakfast and a quilt show at the Lyman County Historical Society's museum.  They also had the opportunity to shop the vendor booths on the museum grounds or visit up to nine different garage/yard sales in and around Presho.  See more photos in this week's Lyman County Herald.

NewsJune 24 2014

Wheat Growers hosting patron meetings concerning future expansion

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(Aberdeen, SD) --- Patrons and growers are invited to a series of Wheat Growers meetings in Lyman County June 23 and 24. The meetings will focus on Wheat Growers commitment to build a facility in the area, as well as updating the status of the state of South Dakota’s plan to bring heavy rail service from Chamberlain to Presho.

We are moving forward with our plans to build a first-class grain shuttle facility and agronomy center in Lyman County,” Wheat Growers CEO Dale Locken said. “We’re eager to serve the producers in that area, most of whom are already Wheat Growers member-owners thanks to our existing agronomy and grain business. We want to gather input from citizens as we look to bring Wheat Growers service and greater access to reliable markets.”The first meeting will be June 23 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. in Winner at the Holiday Inn Express. The first meeting on June 24 will be at the Reliance City Hall at 10:00 a.m., followed by a 12:30 p.m. meeting at the Kennebec Fire Hall and a 2:30 p.m. meeting in Presho, at the Presho Methodist Church.Locken praised the Rails to the Future organization and its members for their work in Pierre during the last legislative session, and also for stepping up to the plate and committing resources to help fund the project.Steve Halverson is Chairman of Rails to the Future.

We are excited that businesses such as Wheat Growers are stepping up to the plate to invest in Lyman County,” Halverson said. “We believe this railroad and its related businesses will be the largest economic development this area has ever seen, and will serve the citizens of central South Dakota for generations to come. The residents of the region saw this opportunity and invested in their future by supporting Rails to the Future.”

We appreciate the significant effort Rails to the Future has made in organizing and promoting this plan in Pierre and also raising over a million dollars that will be used to help build the heavy rail line and serve as matching funds in obtaining a TIGER grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation,” Locken said. “It shows the tremendous commitment that the producers, businesses and ag organizations in Lyman County have for this project. We’re patiently waiting the outcome of the state of South Dakota’s commitment to fund and build out heavy-rail service from Chamberlain to Presho.”

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