September 20 2005

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Candidates for 2005 Homecoming King and Queen are back L-R: Austin Gourneau, Drew Reuman, and Jace Linderman. Front L-R: Ashley Uthe, Kristen Thomas, and Abby Jo Eckstaine.
photo by Nicole Choal

September 20 2005

[b]Lyman celebrates 35th Homecoming[/b]

Posted by Nicole
By Lucy Halverson

Lyman School will observe Homecoming festivities next week starting on Monday September 26 with a MS/JV football game at home against Sully Buttes at 4:15 pm at the football complex at Presho. The dress up theme for the day will be Role Model Day. Tuesdays dress up theme is Fake an Injury Day.

Candidates for Homecoming King and Queen, nominated by the senior class, include Austin Gourneau, Jace Linderman, Drew Reuman, Ashley Uthe, Abby Jo Eckstaine, and Kristen Thomas.

Wednesday is Class Color Day. Elementary students should wear purple, middle school yellow, freshmen, grey, sophomores, orange, juniors, green, seniors blue, and staff members white. The Homecoming King and Queen will be named at the all school pep rally and coronation ceremony will be held at 2 pm at the Presho gym. Buses will leave from the gym at approximately 3:10 pm.

Thursdays dress up theme is Retro Day. A girls volleyball triangular vs Platte and Chamberlain will held at the Presho gym at 5 pm. Jr. Varsity plays at 4:00 pm.

Friday is School Colors Day. Everyone is asked to dress in the school colors of red, black and white. The homecoming parade starts at 2 pm at Presho. Buses leave following the parade. The Raiders will meet the Kadoka Kougars on the football field with a 7 pm kick off. The Burning of the Letters, will take place about 10 minutes after the football game at the west end of the field.

See the Homecoming ad with a complete listing of events and activities on page 7 of the Herald.

September 20 2005

[b]Presho woman wakes to flames[/b]

Posted by Nicole
By Lucy Halverson

After an evening of cooking, in preparation for Mexican night at The Bar, Janet Terca went to bed early. Luckily she woke up sometime after 11 PM, and while walking from her bedroom to the bathroom she discovered her entire kitchen was engulfed in flames.

Flames were up on the ceiling, it was more than I could handle, said Janet Monday afternoon as she and her friend Beth Hupp worked to make a list of items damaged or destroyed by the fire for her insurance company. Shes just lucky she woke up, said Beth.

Janet called the fire department, got her two cats and escaped the house. Presho and Kennebec fire departments responded to the house fire. According to Presho fire chief Donnie Manger the fire appeared to have started in the kitchen. The kitchen was totally destroyed while the dining room, porch, pantry and bathroom were heavily damaged. The entire main floor suffered heat and smoke damage. The two rooms upstairs also had smoke damage.

Friends and co-workers from The Bar came to the house after receiving a call for help from Janet. We got a few things out the front door, Janet said. Her car, which was parked near the porch, appeared to be undamaged. The keys were in the house, I couldnt get to them to move the car.

The Terca house, located at north Main, suffered water damage when the Medicine Creek flooded in 1998. Janet bought the house and remodeled it at that time.

Janet is currently staying with her parents, Buck and Norma Terca, but has made arrangements to move into temporary housing in Presho while she awaits information from insurance company regarding the damages.

We had a quick response from our crew and Kennebec. Thankfully, Janet woke up and got out of the house, sometimes people are not so lucky. Please check the smoke detectors in your home to be sure they are in working order, said fire chief Donnie Manger.

September 20 2005

[b]Blanke-Diehm family honored as century farm[/b]

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The Blanke Diehm farm was recognized with a Century Farm Award Sept. 7th at the South Dakota State Fair. Bonnie Diehm and her son Monte Diehm were on hand to accept the award. To receive Century Farm recognition, a farm must consits of a minimum of 80 acres and have been owned by the same family for at least 100 years. The family receives a certificate, metal sign, and buttons.

The Blanke-Diehm farm was started in 1905 by Charles and Margaret Blanke. In November 1921 Herman Diehm married the Blankes daughter Frances. They lived on the Blanke farm; the Blankes moved to Presho in 1926.

The farm is still located on the original site it was built on. The farm has been continuously occupied by a Blanke-Diehm family. Monte now lives on the farm; he is the 4th generation and great grandson of Charles Blanke.

The house was originally built in 1905. It has had some remolding done over the years. All of the other orginal buildings are now gone.
The Diehm children were: Donald, deceased; Delores, Littleton, Colorado; and Larry Ft. Pierre.
A family Blanke-Diehm family reunion will be held in October in honor of 100 years.

Three other Lyman Co. farms were recognized at this years fair, watch the Herald for future stories.
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