November 10 2004

Commemorative gun raffled

Posted by Kim
Centennial Committee co-chairmen Mike Sprenger and Steve Hayes show the Lyman County Commemorative gun to be raffled as a fund raiser for the Presho Centennial, to be held July 2,3,&4, 2005.

November 10 2004

[b]Commemorative gun to be raffled by Centennial Committee[/b]

Posted by Kim
By Nicole Choal

The Presho Centennial Committee are currently selling raffle tickets for a Commemorative Lyman County gun. Raffle tickets are $20 each with a maximum of 500 tickets to be sold.

The gun, a Winchester 94 30-30, is number four of only five made by A&A Engraving, Inc.. of Rapid City. It is valued at $3,000. The gun is on display at Dakota Prairie Bank, Presho.

The gun drawing will be held at the Lyman Classic Basketball Tournament to be held December 30th, 2004 at the gym in Presho.

Tickets are available at local businesses, from committee co-chairs Mike Sprenger or Steve Hayes, or any other Centennial Committee members.

The committee will also be selling raffle tickets and other centennial merchandise at their booth at the Presho Main Street Open House December 2nd.

November 10 2004

[b]Lyman County 2004 Election Results[/b]

Posted by Kim
By Lucy Halverson

South Dakota recorded a 78.6% voter turned out in the Tuesday, November 2nd general election. The state had the fourth highest percentage of voters in the nation. The state has 502,261 registered voters of which 394,930 voted in the election. Lyman County recorded over 74% locally with 1,973 voters out of 2,639 registered casting a ballot in the 2004 election.

November 10 2004

[b]When we yearn to retreat, it's time to charge ahead even harder[/b]

Posted by Kim
By Sylvia L. Lovely, guest editorialist

One of my favorite Peanuts comic strips is one where Linus and Charlie Brown are sitting and looking up at a starry night sky.

"Did you know there are a million galaxies," Linus begins, "and within each of those galaxies there are a million stars and around all those stars-"

At that point Charlie Brown interrupts him.

"I miss my dog," Charlie says.
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