June 29 2005

[b]Presho High School Alumni return for Centennial [/b]

Posted by Nicole
by Lucy Halverson

The Presho High School alumni association voted last year to move their annual reunion to July 2nd in order to be part of Preshos Centennial Celebration July, 2nd,3rd, and 4th.
In anticipation of a larger crowd than normal the association moved the reunion to the Lyman gym. The gym is now air-conditioned and a much larger facility, which should be able to accommodate the alumni crowd.

Early alumni registration will be taken at the museum Friday and Saturday. Friday night the gym will be open for alumni and friends of alumni to gather and reminisce. All are welcome to stop by and visit. Light refreshments will be available. On Saturday the gym will open at 5 PM. Alumni should plan to park in the lower east parking lot and use the east door as the 3-on 3-basketball tourney may still be going in the south parking lot.

Local alumni are encouraged to attend and are asked to bring salads to share. The association furnishes the meat, buns, drinks, and utensils. There will be no gathering of alumni on Sunday as all are invited to attend the centennial activities.

June 29 2005

[b]Lutheran Pastor rides the circuit [/b]

Posted by Nicole
by Lucy Halverson

Pastor Brian Downs, Zion and Trinity Lutheran minister, spent five days last week re-enacting the role of a turn of the century circuit preacher. He rode horseback from Presho to Reliance stopping at the farm homes of church members along the way. Monday night he stayed at the Ray Herman home, Tuesday, Todd Meier of Budget Host furnished him a room, Wednesday he stayed at Eymer home and assisted with working cattle while he was there. Thursday he was a guest in the Alfred Schelske home and Friday he stayed with the Randy Holmquists. Saturday morning Pastor Downs rode in the Reliance Centennial Parade.

While this was not Pastors first experience with horses, growing up in upstate New York did not offer many opportunities to ride horseback. Randy Holmquist furnished pastor with the horse, which was about 14 years old. I had a good horse which treated me real good, stated Pastor.

June 21 2005

[b]School board election unofficial results[/b]

Posted by Kim
Name.................Votes Kenn LB Pres Rel ..Viv

Rhonda Schelske .231 ...76 ..25 ..74 .31 ..25

Bob Fanning .......215 ....68 ..24 ..80 .15 ..28

Diana Kastner .....195 ....47 ..50 ..61 .14 ..23

Mike Anderson ....127.....52 ..15 ..41 ..3 ...16

Total ..................307.....91 ..56 ..90 .31 ..39

June 21 2005

[b] Kennebec Centennial[/b]

Posted by Nicole
Image: http://www.lcherald.com/e107_files/images/kenparade.jpg

Kennebecs Centennial King John Houchin and Queen Gladys Manger ride through Kennebecs Centennial Parade Saturday, June 18, 2005. The honor was bestowed upon John and Gladys as they are both lifelong residents of Kennebec.
(Many more photos and stories can be found with in the pages of the Lyman County Herald.)
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