June 15 2004

[b]Lyman School Election [/b]

Posted by Kim

June 15, 2004 Lyman School Board Election
Unfficial Returns

Total Reliance Lower Brule Kennebec Presho Vivian
Jody Jessop 299 21 67 43 122 46
Mike Chester 223 11 28 39 96 49
Thad Schindler 175 32 59 17 47 20
David Millard 232 24 44 38 89 37

June 09 2004

[b]Presho firemen set controlled burn for training[/b]

Posted by Kim
Image: http://www.lcherald.com/e107_files/images/fire.jpg

Ryan Willert, on the left and Joel Olivier members of the Presho volunteer fire department work to maintain control of the arranged burn Wednesday, June 2. photo by Lucy Halverson

by Lucy Halverson
Presho firemen gained valuable experience in handling structure fires Wednesday night by burning the remains of a house destroyed beyond repair last October by an accidental fire.

June 09 2004

[b]Youth group starts aluminum recycling project[/b]

Posted by Kim
The Lyman Middle School Youth Group has completed building four recycling bins for aluminum and are preparing to transport them to their designated sites.

June 09 2004

[b]Lines from Lucy [/b]

Posted by Kim
Happenings around the Herald office
by Lucy Halverson

Weve had a few changes at the Herald office over the past few months and now that school is out for the summer and our work schedule has slowed a little this is probably a good time to write about them.
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