NewsJune 18 2015

North Central Farmers Elevator and South Dakota Wheat Growers Member-Owners Vote No on Unification

Posted by Lucy

The Boards of Directors for North Central Farmers Elevator (NCFE) and Wheat Growers (WG) have announced that member-owners have voted against approving the unification of NCFE and WG.

The two cooperatives will continue serving their respective members as separate entities.

South Dakota law requires that a majority of eligible members of each cooperative vote in favor of a unification agreement before the unification can go into effect. The final vote, as certified by auditing firm Eide Bailly, fell short.

NewsJune 16 2015

Lyman School Board Election results

Posted by Lucy Halverson

Lyman School Board election results

Results from the 2015 Lyman School Board election are in and have newcomers Matt Collins (275) and  Rolly Cropsey (208) winning two seats and incumbent Meta Halverson (202) taking the third seat.  Mike Chester received 186 votes, which wasn't enough to retain his seat on the board.   The newly elected board members will take office at the July meeting.  See next week's Herald for complete results.

NewsJune 10 2015

Construction at new elevator site stays on schedule

Posted by Lucy

This aerial photo of the new Wheat Growers elevator at Kennebec was taken last week courtesy of local pilot Ryan Husman. He came in from the south and took this photo looking north. The current railroad tracks are located in the lower left hand corner. According to John Kroll, construction project manager from SDWG, work continues on schedule for the completion of the dry fertilizer plant on the left; the flat grain storage building at the top, and the agronomy service center that is located further southeast of the elevator office & probe. Kroll stated the three buildings are expected to be operational by fall of 2015.

NewsJune 10 2015

What's new at the museum

Posted by Lucy

It must be must be summer!

School is out, the swimming pool is open, cow/calf pairs have been moved out to pasture and the Lyman County Pioneer Museum is once again open.

The museum opened Monday, May 25 and hosted the annual American Legion Butrick Post Memorial Day services and potluck dinner.

This summer, the museum is open to the public daily Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Staff members Tammy Cole and Carmen Patrick will welcome you to the museum and answer any questions you may have about displays.

If you want to visit the museum or invite your out-of-town family members or guests to tour the museum after regular hours contact volunteer Bev Johnson 895-2294 or Tammy Cole 605-280-4180, as they can open the museum for you.

Earlier in May Lyman High School English teacher Deb Smith contacted Bev Johnson for a tour of the museum. Smith took her sophomore English class to the museum for a field trip.

"It was great to visit the museum. It’s so close and yet many of the students had never been there before," said Smith.

The students explored the different buildings and used displays as back drops for photo re-enactments of different periods of history like the great depression of the 1930s, the one-room schoolhouse and the little country church.

"We could have spent much more time looking at all of the displays that the museum has to offer," said Smith. "I hope that some of the kids will go back for another look this summer."

Museum staff members, Cole and Patrick, have been busy cleaning, painting, and rearranging displays, while volunteer Susan Shearer works on cataloging the thousands of items that have been donated to the museum over the past 50 years.

All the items at the museum, regardless if they were first placed in the museum on loan from the original owner, are now considered a donated item and property of the museum.

Due to the lack of available space, any donations to the museum today must first be approved before they can be accepted to avoid duplication of items.

Displays and collections are moved and changed yearly to provide visitors something new and different to see every summer.

For those unfamiliar with the Pioneer Museum it is a county-wide museum, operated by the Lyman County Historical Society. The society receives some funding from the county but they rely heavily on donations – large and small – to maintain the complex and pay expenses. Lifetime memberships in the society are $15 for an individual, and $25 for a family membership.

The museum features three large buildings that house many artifacts, photos, documents and items donated by the family’s of early day pioneers and others who called Lyman County home from Iona to Vivian.

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