NewsSeptember 16 2015

Rail being pedaled out

Posted by Lucy

Heavy rail that was stocked piled in various locations along the MRC line is being ‘pedaled out’ by crewmen from RailWorks Tracks Systems and laid next to the track in preparation for installing the new rail. "That’s how they refer to distributing rail out along the main line," said Chris Brosz, project engineer with Civil Design, Inc. The rail pictured above is near the railroad crossing on the east side of Reliance. According to Brosz, eventually the steel plates and joint bar will be moved out along the line also. Rail installation was to start in the spring of 2016 but Brosz said with so much of the material arriving on site already, crews could begin installing rail this fall, starting at Reliance and moving west, as bridge and crossing work continues between Chamberlain and Reliance.

NewsSeptember 16 2015

Council votes to advertise for City Bar and liquor license bids with two options

Posted by Lucy

Following Monday night’s special meeting, the Presho City Council voted to re-bid the city’s on/off sale liquor license and lease on the City Bar building by a vote of four to one. The motion made by Bill Lengkeek was to re-bid with two options, one being the license and leasing the building, and the other just the license with intent to move to another location. The motion received a second from Lillebo. With the exception of a missing council member from WARD II, the full council was in attendance and the only opposing vote came from council woman Angela Ehlers.

NewsSeptember 11 2015

Presho City Bar remains closed

Posted by Lucy

While the front window states the bar is open 7-days a week, the Presho City Bar closed August 31 when lessee Mark Halvorson broke his 3-year lease early due to financial and employee issues. The city received no bids to lease the bar at the August meeting and the bar and off-sale liquor store remain closed at this time. To read more about what happened at the city meeting, check out the front page of the Lyman County Herald.

NewsSeptember 11 2015

Enrollment down at Lyman

Posted by Lucy

The first two weeks of school at Lyman School District have gone well according to principals Rene Lillebo and Jon Boer

Overall enrollment is down slightly from last year.

At the May, 2015 school board meeting superintendent Vlasman reported enrollment at 397 students. As of last Friday, Sept. 4, 2015, Lyman is at 389 students, eight fewer than last spring.

Mrs. Lillebo reports Kennebec Elementary has 90 students and the middle school has 97 students.

"So far we’re good, but we only have 100 lockers in the middle school," said Lillebo.

There are 94 students enrolled at Presho Elmentary and 108 in the high school said Mr. Jon Boer.

For the first time in many years, Kennebec has fewer students than Presho Elementary.

Students at the middle school are adjusting to the change in start time said Lillebo.

"The first bell rings at 8:42 am and students are to be in their classrooms by 8:45 am," said Lillebo.

She stated that by adding a couple more minutes to the first bell (8:40 am) might give students a little more time to get to their classrooms.

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