April 06 2004

[b]Citizen of the Year[/b]

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Tim Long

Kennebec welcomes home Guard member
By Lucy Halverson

Kennebec resident Tim Long, a Sgt. in the 200th Engineers of the South Dakota National Guard has been the recipient of numerous welcome home gatherings since returning to South Dakota last Monday, March 29, 2004.
The entire company was treated to ceremonies in Pierre following their return Monday morning. Guard members from the Chamberlain area, which Long was part of, returned to a ceremony and parade in that city later in the afternoon.

Long, Kennebecs only member of the 200th was the honored guest at a potluck supper at the Kennebec gym Monday evening April 5th. Following the meal musical entertainment was provided by Jenny Longville and Lacey Halvorson. Kennebec Town & Country Club vice-chairman Travis Almond presented Long, who was voted the T&C Clubs Citizen of the Year last February, with a plaque. Following a standing ovation, Long spoke to the assembled group, thanking them for the support over the past year and reminding them to remember the service men and women still serving our country overseas. Longs son Chris is one of those service men as he is a member of the 147th Field Artillery Guard unit currently in Iraq.

The 200th units equipment will return via ship from Iraq within the next few weeks. Long and about 20 other Guard members will travel south to a gulf port to meet the ship and take an inventory of their equipment.

According Long, the equipment will be loaded on railroad cars and taken to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri where a complete inventory of every nut, bolt, and tool will be recorded. Long doesnt know how the Guard plans to move the 90 plus vehicles back to South Dakota.

Guard members on active duty over a year are entitled to 120 days of leave before they are required to return to their regular jobs. Long expects to take the next month reacquainting himself with family, relaxing, and completing his personal paperwork that accumulated in his absence.

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