April 06 2004

[b]Republicans hold Lincoln Day Dinner [/b]

Posted by Kim
Lyman and Jones County Republicans joined together to hold a Lincoln Day Dinner at the Vivian Gym Sunday evening. The dinner was catered by the Vivian Community Club.
Rob Huffman, Lyman County chairman recognized Dave Moore of Vivian for his service as committee treasurer for the past 25 years. Huffman introduced Republican candidates running for election this year to positions in the county, District 26, and on the state level the House of Representatives. South Dakota State Treasurer Vern Larson, Vivian also spoke to the group and Lyman County Auditor Pam Michalek explained changes in the voting procedures for the upcoming primary election in June and the general election in November.

Republican Congressional candidate Larry Diedrich of Elkton was the keynote speaker for the evening. Mr. Diedrich severed District 4 in the South Dakota State House of Representatives for four years and in the Senate for four years. In addition, Diedrich has served in leadership roles in numerous farm organizations and community service clubs on the state and national level.

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