January 06 2004

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Posted by Kim
Organizing gets complicated
By Lucy Halverson
The holiday's are over and it's time to pack up Christmas and make way for the New Year and all the new stuff you got for Christmas.
Ever notice that all the sale ads filling your mailbox after the start of the New Year are filled with organizational items. The hottest items selling this time of year are storage totes. Exercise equipment and diet aides probably run a close second. Storage containers bought after the holidays are much more affordable than exercise equipment and will probably get more use. Carrying through a plan to organizing your life with the help of storage totes is perhaps a more obtainable goal as the containers are advertised to quickly and easily help you in organizing your home.

Plastic makers from Rubbermaid to Sterlite produce plastic containers specially made to hold all your Christmas items until the next holiday season rolls around. You can find round ones for wreaths, low flat square ones for bows, tall skinny ones for rolls of wrapping paper, and boxes with plastic dividers to house tree ornaments. There are even jumbo-sized storage boxes or bags made especially to hold artificial Christmas trees.

Stacking these handy storage units, packed full of Christmas decorations including lights, ornaments, and enough Christmas wrapping paper, purchased for half price after Christmas, to last for years is a challenge. Properly stacked in a corner of the basement or closet, the brightly colored red and green storage totes sort of take the form of an actual tree. Large at the base, each additional layer of totes gets smaller and smaller until precariously perched on the top rests, the smallest tote, holding the most delicate items

But, storage makers don't stop there. Once Christmas items are packed away it's time to organize the rest of your life. To make room for new toys, clothes, books, or whatever else Santa brought to your house, the old stuff needs to be organized.

Again, there are plenty of styles and colors to chose from. There are clear totes, which allows for viewing of the contents inside without removing the lid. Or colored totes to organize the possessions of different people by different colors. Totes made in every imaginable shape and size to hold anything and everything that needs storing.

Filling the totes is the easy part. Finding a place to stack them is another problem. Luckily, some totes are made wide and low to hide under a bed or some are made with wheels so they can be wheeled from room to room as space allows or when company drops by unexpectedly.

But, another advertised sale item that might come in handy about now is a closest organizer. By adding organizers, shelving units made from rubber-coated wire or wood, to closest without shelves, more storage space can be created to stack your filled totes.

By the time you finish with the New Year's organizing plan you may not have the energy or finances left to purchase the second most advertised item; exercise equipment. But, hey it's much easer to hide, I mean, store all the filled storage totes in a closest or under the bed than it is to store that new exercise equipment in a month or two when it's no longer being used.

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