May 05 2004

[b]Iona News by Betty Shaffer[/b]

Posted by Kim
Wednesday evening was a birthday party honoring Arlene Thompson and Joan Kenzy at Al's in Oacoma, those present to help them celebrate were Harry and Inez Kenzy; Kathy Winter; Sally Shaffer; Jeanne Moser; Lois Kenzy; Linda Svoboda; Gwen Meinen; Betty Shaffer; Lillian Lane; Pat Kenzy; Marlene Schuiling; May Fulwider; after the supper birthday cake was served for all to enjoy.
Sunday morning after church at the Iona United Methodist watermelon and coffee were enjoyed.

Cheryl Smutny attended her Grand Nephew Cpl. Christopher Gibson's funeral at Simi Valley, California, on May 1st. Cpl. Christopher Gibson USMC was killed in Iraq on April 17th 2004.

Richard and Sally Shaffer accompanied Cassandra Shaffer to view a new log cabin home near Meadville, Neb. Saturday afternoon and then they all attended the wild game potluck supper at the Meadville store, which is a yearly event.

Joan Kenzy and Jeanne Moser attended a piano concert at Mitchell on Sunday afternoon at the Corn Palace. Lori Line who gave the concert plays piano and writes music. She is from Minneapolis, Minn.

Marvin and Jan Christensen had lunch with LeRoy and Katie Songer at Valentine, Neb. on Monday and then in the evening they visited Mel and Carol Christensen and had supper with them.

Sunday morning guests in the Merl and Edna Ellis home were Bob and Barb Fenenga; Joan Kenzy; Linda Svoboda and Jan Christensen. Walt Raschke was a Tuesday afternoon caller.

Harry and Inez Kenzy went to Mitchell Wednesday and stopped at Al's in Oacoma for the birthday party on the way home.

Darl and Lois Kenzy went to Kansas and visited in the Layne and Linda Kenzy home for the Easter holidays and also with Karol Kenzy and returned to their home on April 12th.

Ben and Jennifer King of California are parents of a new baby girl born on April 24th. They names her Mary Louise and she weighed 7 lbs. Tim and Rita King of Baltic are the grandparents and Reed and May Fulwider are the Great grandparents.

Vance (Sunny) Feyereisen is in the McKennan hospital at Sioux Falls.

Kathy Winter visited Thelma Winter last Monday at the Gregory nursing home.

The Western Fraternity Life Insurance Meeting of the ZCBJ lodge was held Saturday afternoon at the Anna Fiala home and those who attended were Gwen Meinen; Vince and Linda Svoboda; Mavis Svoboda and Dave; Rose Boerner; Darlene Volasek.

Larry and Janet Wiedeman were callers in the Keith and Maria Talsma home Monday evening.

Jan Christensen was a Thursday afternoon caller in the Lyle and Betty Shaffer home.

Betty Shaffer was a Friday visitor in the Ruth Malone home and with Mavis Leiferman. Betty Shaffer and Jan Brozik Cerney were Tuesday lunch guests of Ruth Malone. Jan is gathering material for another book she will write.

Saturday morning Charlotte Kerner and Linda Svoboda went to Chamberlain.

Sunday evening Vince and Linda Svoboda and Harley Vedral visited in the Merl and Sharon Talsma home.

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