May 12 2004

[b]Homeland Security Grant awarded to Emergency Management office [/b]

Posted by Kim
By Lucy Halverson

The Lyman County Emergency Management department was awarded a $59,000 Homeland Security Grant to purchase a 2004 4-wheel drive Chevy Tahoe.
The grant included funding to outfit the vehicle with emergency equipment. In addition, Deputy Steve Manger, Emergency Management Director for Lyman County secured other equipment for use within the county during emergencies. Personal protection kits for area fire departments and ambulances will soon be delivered. An underwater search camera and other smaller items were also obtained with the grant.

According to Manger, a reliable 4-wheel drive vehicle can prove invaluable during a search and rescue or anytime emergency personal need to access off road areas.

The office of Homeland Security is within the State of South Dakota's Department of Public Safety. It was developed following 9-11. Each county in the state has a designed emergency management director that is responsible for the county's emergency equipment, planning, training, prevention, preparedness and response personnel. In order to help counties be prepared for emergencies, Homeland Security Grants are available to every county in the state. The department offers a list of equipment that can be purchased with the grant money.

Manger he has filed a grant application for 2004 and is awaiting notification of the award.

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