July 20 2011

Hot Weather brings on Harvest in Lyman County

Posted by Lucy

Hot Weather brings on Harvest in Lyman County


 Mike Arnoldy of Kennebec started combining winter wheat Monday. A cloud of dust surrounds Arnoldy’s combine as he passes by another combine operated by Ralph Langenbau in a field south of Kennebec.

Wheat harvest got underway Monday as many harvesters took to the fields following several days of extreme heat which helped finish ripening this year’s winter wheat crop.

Tuesday morning, Todd Longville of Wheat Growers in Kennebec reported they had taken in about 90,000 bushels.

They’re just getting a good start,” said Longville, who added they got their first truck in on Friday afternoon.

Everything is dry, about 10 percent moisture is all,” said Longville.

According to Longville test weights and protein have been all over the place – anywhere from 55 lbs up to 64. “Protein has been around 11.6,” Longville added.

Dennis Scott of Dakota Mill in Presho also reported receiving the first truck of new crop wheat on Friday afternoon.

Similar reports on test weights and protein have been recorded at Presho.

It’ll get better. The first few days you don’t get into the good stuff,” said Scott in regards to the quality of the 2011 wheat crop.

They’ll be going full blast by Wednesday,” said Scott.

Longville agreed, “Weather like this makes good cutting.”

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