October 19 2011

Signing and delination Project

Posted by Lucy

Signing and Delination Project

      Signing and delineation project in Lyman County continues The South Dakota Department of Transportation’s signing and delineation project in Lyman County continues as of Oct., 17. Residents and motorists may have notice crews working in the area installed new signs beside old ones, marking culverts and installing delineation markers throughout the 732 miles of primary roads maintained by Lyman County.

      According to Lyman County Highway superintendent Bill Lengkeek, the prime contractor for the project, A&H Contracting of Ironton, Minnesota, has completed approximately two-thirds of the project, which will include about 1,000 new signs. Funded by Federal Highway dollars, the project will update or replace current signing to bring it into compliance with the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Device.

      The signs are a high density grade material. “No county funds are being used,” said Lengkeek. “All road signs need to be up to Federal Standards by 2013 or we would risk losing future Federal Highway dollars.” County employees will be responsible for removing and disposing of the old signs. Lengkeek stated that the county will keep signs in good condition and recycle the rest as scrap metal. Lengkeek stated that the project is intended to improve safety for county drivers.

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