June 02 2004

[b] Reliance News by D. Anderson [/b]

Posted by Kim
Monday, Gaylord and Sue Choal and Phoenix, JaNell and Stacey Choal were supper guests in the Tenelle and Leroy Choal home.

Wanda Larson, Murdo, visited Irene Lafferty Thursday afternoon.
Saturday Wayne and Dorothy Monson drove to Rapid City and were visitors and overnight guests in the Iola Butt home. They attended the graduation of a grandson, Adam Mohler, Custer, and at Hermosa they attended the reception. Later they drove to Hay Springs, Nebraska, to visit Dorothys son, Jerry and Lois DeWitt and family and they also got to visit with her brother and a brother-in-law from Wyoming, who had brought Dorothys brother home. He was quite ill. They returned home Wednesday evening.

Darrin, Garret and Trenton Peterson, Kennebec, accompanied Royal Peterson and Logan Aguallo, Alliance, Nebraska, to Guernsey, Wyoming, to visit in the Pat and Cheryl Quick home and attend the Retirement Party honoring Pats retirement from the Burlington, Northern and Santa Fe Railroad.

May 20th, Wayne and Dorothy Monson were in Pierre where they met Caroline Halgrimson and Kris and Coral Cleveland, Presho. They visited over dinner at a cafe. Enroute home they were supper guests in the Cleveland home to honor the birthday of Caroline.

Marcia Peterson, Kennebec, was a weekend guest in the parental Lyle and Leola Peterson home.

Tuesday, May 25th, 2004, the Sioux Valley Club held their Mothers Day supper at the Golden Buffalo Cafe, Lower Brule.

Gladys Stewart attended the Sioux Valley Club Mothers Day supper at the Golden Buffalo Cafe, Lower Brule, Tuesday evening.

The Kenny Schmidt family, Vivian, invited Kara Stewart to join them vacationing in various places of interest in South Dakota.

Grant Stewart has visited his grand parents, Bob and Gladys Stewart, several times lately.

Visitors in the Loraine Suhl home during the week were Marilyn Wagaman; Alfred and Edna Schelske; Alan Suhl; Donna Boe; Donna Peterson; Sue Choal and Paula Buum, Chamberlain.

Sandy Evers visited Ila Wagner Tuesday evening.

Wednesday afternoon Colton Thelen visited grandma Ila Wagner.

Wednesday evening Mark and Scott Wagner, Chamberlain, visited Ila Wagner.

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