June 29 2004

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Posted by Kim
Born to tell the truth
I have been living a lie lately. But, the lie has now been revealed and I must make a public admission.
The long awaited arrival of my second grandson occurred Wednesday.

The wait wasn't necessarily long for me. But, for my daughter, who has been on bed rest since the first of May due to complications from high blood pressure, the last eight weeks were long and boring.

Noah John Hutmacher made this appearance about 3 weeks before his appointed due date, which was okay with his mother, and fortunately fine medically, too. He weighed 7 lbs 14 oz, stretched out to 21 inches long, and has the longest fingers and toes I can recall seeing on a newborn.

I'm delighted he's finally here, hearty and healthy. And, I'm extremely relieved that I can quit lying to people about his planned arrival date. It's difficult to have a surprise delivery when a cesarean delivery is scheduled. My daughter was originally scheduled for a cesarean on June 30. But, because she had been confined to bed rest for weeks, she made a plea to her doctor for an earlier delivery. With the doctor's approval to move the date up a week, my daughter and her husband were determined to keep the new date a secret and attempt to surprise family and friends. The problem with that plan was the need to make arrangements for someone to care for their 3-year old son on the appointed day. The person assigned to keep him would have to be involved in the deception. That person was me!

I was forced to participate in their sham for two long weeks. I'm not a good lair. I have never pulled off a convincing April Fool's joke, I can't bluff at cards; I just don't have what it takes to be a good fibber. I hated doing it but somehow I managed to pull it off. But, now that I have confessed I can look into the beautiful little face of my new grandson with a clear conscience.

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