January 13 2004

[b]Kennebec News[/b] by Doreine Anderson

Posted by Kim
Christmas Day 2003 dinner guests in the Delford, Hazel, Dennis and Larry Juhnke home, Vivian, were Steven Juhnke, Draper; Norv, Debbie, and Trinity Millard, Presho; Nathan and Lindsey Millard, Rapid City; Nelson and Tracy Brakke, Jamie, Shelli and Jade Collins, Black Hawk; Marty Caslin and Lorlen Caslin; Jerry Mundlein and Kathy Caslin.
Wednesday, December 31, 2003, Curly Schoenfelder visited Leota Schoenfelder, Mid-Dakota Medical Center, long- term care facility, Chamberlain.
December 28, Kathy Caslin visited in the parental Delford and Hazel Juhnke home, Vivian. Cards were enjoyed in the evening.
January 1, 2004, Jack and Jinny Casey, Mitchell, visited Leota Schoenfelder, Mid-Dakota Medical Center, long-term care facility, Chamberlain. Later Curly and Josie Schoenfelder met them at the Lode Star Cafe, Ft. Thompson, for visiting and supper.
Friday, January 2, 2004, Jerry Mundlein and Kathy Caslin were overnight guests in the Jamie, Shelli and Jade Collins home, Black Hawk. They returned home Saturday, January 3rd.
Don Mangers name was omitted from the list of Christmas dinner and supper guests with Gladys Manger and Betty Ness as hostesses last week.
The community expresses sympathy to Doris Hills, her family and relatives on the death of her brother, Carrol Stambaugh.
Friday, January 2, 2004, family members began gathering at the parental Curly and Josie Schoenfelder home. On Saturday the Schoenfelder Family Christmas was held at the school lunchroom. Present were: Curly and Josie Schoenfelder; Tim and Diane Dodson, Nemo; Derek Swanson and Lori Larson, Rapid City; Mike Schmidt and Gloria Vollmer, Pierre; Dennis, Tatum and Margie Streitz, Parkston; RaKel Streitz and Bryce Winkled, Marshall, Minnesota; Reno, Lindsey and Barb Roth; Brittany and Nikki Beckett, Eric Schoenfelder, all of Parkston; Scott, Beth, Val, Brandon and Tori Moore and Nick Volk, Ipswich; Brian, Melody, Kyle, Ryan and Tanner Hohn, Parkston. They enjoyed dinner, gift opening, games and lots of visiting! Visitors included Ken, Marilyn, Tom and Kendra Walling; Grace Stiefvater; Clayton Moore; Ty Uthe, Presho; Betty Worlie, Onida; Ken, Sandy, and Shawn Branine, Harrold.
Weekend visitors in the parental and grand parental Har and June Halverson home were Cheryl and Shayna Anderson, and 2 friends, Mobridge.
Marie Houchin visited Gladys Manger Saturday afternoon.
Tim Miller visited and was a coffee guest in the parental Don and Carmen Miller home Friday, enroute home to Rapid City.
Renae and Dylan Wagner, Chamberlain, spent Friday through Sunday with grandma Catherine Peterson.
Wayne and Alta Copeland visited Veva Copeland, Mid-Dakota long term care facility, Chamberlain, last Wednesday.
Quin Peterson, Oklahoma, visited in the home of his grand parents, Wendell and Ardene Gilman, last Monday.
Saturday evening supper guests and visitors in the parental Har and June Halverson home were Cheryl and Shayna Anderson and 2 friends, Mobridge; Kim, Lucy and Tucker Halverson and Corey, Meta, Brooklyn and Haley Halverson.
Last Sunday Brunch guests in the parental Don and Carmen Miller home were Joan Hills; Kate Halverson; Brian, Debbie, Jack and Jacey Miller.
Rod, Wendy, Cade, Erica; Chisum, Cindy, and Delaney Peterson, Pukwana, and Quin Peterson, Oklahoma, attended the Denver Stock Show and also showed bulls.
Kathy Caslin spent Sunday afternoon in the Norv, Trinity and Debbie Millard home, Presho, to help Debbie celebrate her 44th birthday, which was Saturday.
Jade, Shelli and Jamie Collins, Black Hawk, were Friday overnight guests in the parental Stan and Rosemary Collins home; Saturday they went to Sioux Falls to visit Christie and Colton Collins, Sioux Valley Hospital; enroute to their home Sunday, they visited with Kathy Caslin, Marty Caslin and Lorlen Caslin.
Christmas Eve guests at the Dick and Sandy Dyson home were: Lorri May, Wentworth, SD; Melissa Dyson, Chamberlain; Marlin May and Erin Quinn, Windsor, CO; Elaine and Burt Elliott, Aberdeen. Tyler May, Ft. Collins, CO and Jessica May, Denver, CO.
Joining the group for Christmas Day were Tim Larson, Plankinton; Rebecca Larson, Boseman, MT; Frank and Susan Rowe, Friend, NE; Nike Freyermuth, Lincoln, NE; Mary, McKenzie and Jenny Brown, Lincoln, NE; Kory and Nicole Goldammer, Dallas, TX; Mabel Koehler, Mitchell, SD, Alan Dyson, Kennebec, and Donna and Gary Goldammer, Sioux Falls. The weather here in Mission, TX has been cool and cloudy. The temps have been running in the low and upper 40s but the forecast is for temps in the 70s.

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