July 20 2004

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Posted by Kim
Sometimes you have to leave home to appreciate it

We hear so many reports these days of the brain drain on South Dakota as our young people leave their hometowns for higher education following high school graduation and never return. Many are lured to the big cities of South Dakota or in some cases even out-of-state.
It appeared that a young local couple from Presho, college graduates and newlyweds, were the exception to those reports when they returned to Presho a couple of years ago to live and work. Well, at least one of them worked locally, the other computed to Pierre for employment in her field of study.

They purchased a home, settled in, got involved in the community and appeared to be putting down roots much like their parents did years ago when they too were newlyweds.

But, as it turns out, they recently decided to pull up those tender young roots and move out of state for new and different employment opportunities.

Sometimes moving away from the area where you were raised can be a good thing. It's easier to develop an appreciation for your hometown, where everyone knows your name and you know everyone, when you're away for a while.

Family and friends gathered last weekend to wish Cody and Kiley well as they strike out on this new venture in their lives. After talking to both of them it's obvious that they sincerely hope and believe they will one day return to the Presho area to live, work and raise a family.

Family and friends attending the going away party would agree that the welcome mat would be out when and if they chose to return.

Mt. Rushmore and pheasant design win poll

This week's online poll drew a great deal of attention from Herald readers. The question was" Which SD quarter design will you vote for" Mt. Rushmore; a pheasant; a buffalo; Mt. Rushmore and a pheasant; or Mt. Rushmore and a buffalo. The winner of the online poll was Mt. Rushmore and a pheasant, which also appeared to be the favorite of those I asked in my on the street interview question on page 3.

I wasn't totally surprised that Mt. Rushmore was the choice of nearly everyone. But, it will be interesting to see if the addition of the pheasant will be as popular with residents statewide when the official voting starts.

Maybe, with the Mt. Rushmore design on the back of South Dakota's quarter others around the nation will finally realize which Dakota is home to the famous carving. I just wonder what North Dakota will put on their quarter?

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