January 13 2004

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Posted by Kim
South Dakotans for a clean campaign
With former U.S. Rep. John Thunes announcement last week that he will run for the US Senate, the stage has been set for the 2004 race.
In what could turn out to be one of South Dakotas most memorable political races, John Thune will challenge incumbent Senator Tom Daschle for a seat in the U.S. Senate.
Both candidates are well known; one with political views leaning toward the conservative side and the other with much more liberal views.
After the mud slinging election of 2002, in both the governors primary race and the Johnson/Thune senatorial race, I join the chorus of Republican, Democrat, and Independent South Dakota voters clamoring for a clean campaign in 2004.
Let each mans political philosophy and past voting record be the deciding factor. Dont let the out of state special interest groups sway your opinion with misinformation and half-truths. Both candidates are South Dakotans; both want to serve the people of the state. It will be up to the voters to decide which one will represent the best interest of our State in a manner consistent with South Dakota values and views.

If you havent seen the Heralds new and improved web site unveiled this month take a moment to check it out and register to vote in the weekly polls. The new site offers a quick look at local Lyman County news plus national headlines from Fox News and up to date weather information from The Weather Channel.
This weeks website question is Who do you plan to vote for in 2004 Senate race, Daschle or Thune? Watch next weeks newspaper for the results of the Herald unscientific poll.

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