September 08 2004

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Posted by Kim
Grandkids say the cutest things

I'm comfortable being honored on my birthday and I've grown accustomed to being recognized on Mother's Day but I'm still adapting to being the one honored on Grandparents Day.

My standard reply to the puzzled look I get from people upon hearing that I'm a grandmother is, "They didn't ask me if I wanted to be a grandma, but I sure like being one."
The first time I heard my oldest grandson call me 'ganma' I was hooked. Suddenly being a grandma wasn't so bad. Later, being told, "I like you, ganma," was icing on the cake.

At 3-years old, my grandson Nash talks constantly now. He's not an overly affectionate kid; he'd much rather wrestle on the floor or play 'tiger' than cuddle with grandma. But, at the end of a weekend stay at my house this past summer, he delivered his highest compliment to me when he said, "ganma I like you."

Three-year olds speak honestly and from the heart. They try to say exactly what they're thinking but sometimes the words can get a little mixed up. I borrowed an idea from my niece Amy and spent the past few months trying to record some of the funny things Nash has said. I've found if I didn't write them down immediately it was hard to remember exactly how he put the words together.

In honor of Grandparents Day, Sunday, September 12, I'd like to share some cute comments from my grandson Nash.

"Who let the deer out?" Nash heard grandpa's cows got out at the farm because someone left a gate open, so when he saw a large herd of deer he assumed someone must have let them out.

"I'm joking you." Upon telling his mother a little story, he confessed that he was teasing her.

"It's sparkling out there." Nash telling me that it was sprinkling outside.

"Ok, mom get out of my way." When Nash finally decided to get in the bathtub he advised his mom to make way.

"I'm a little stinker, aren't I?" Apparently, Nash understands the concept of a 'stinker" as someone who is naughty.

"Where's my baby brother?" Nash likes to keep a close eye on his new baby brother and wants to know where he is at all times.

"Do you have milk in your boo boos?" Nash found the concept of breast feeding interesting and has asked many people, men and women, this question.

"My baby brother's not a stinker!" Great-grandma Della referred to Nash's new baby brother as a stinker after he dirtied his diaper.

"Brenda says, 'No running kids." Brenda is Nash's babysitter and what she says goes.

"I like you." The biggest compliment you can get from Nash.

"I rode in the combine with my best friend ganpa Kim." Probably a bigger compliment since he doesn't refer to many people as 'his best friend."

"Someday I'm goin' be big." While riding in the combine, Nash assured grandpa Kim that this would happen.

"Chicky boom, baby!" A catch phase that Nash says with great enthusiasm.

"I taught myself." Nash's reply to 'who taught you to say chicky boom baby?'

"But, I've been sittin' in that chair for 3 weeks." His reply to his older brother Brock when Brock took Nash's place in the recliner.

"Brock, I teld on you." Nash's response to the chair incident.

"Bless you, me." Nash blessed himself following a sneeze.

"But, I get a headache when I have to pick up toys." Working on a list of excuses already.

"How come..?" Nash's favorite sentence begins with 'How come.'

And, finally after many 'how come' questions asked by Nash himself he declared, "I hate all these questions."

Aren't grandkids wonderful?

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