NewsMay 29 2019

Medicine Creek reaches record high-water level throughout Lyman County

Posted by Lucy

The bridge at Vivian looking west.
Medicine Creek reaches record high-water level
Residents of Vivian thought the Medicine was high a couple days ago, but on Monday it is over two feet higher. After nearly four inches of rain during the nighttime hours of May 26-27, 2019, Medicine Creek has probably reached its all-time high. No one has an accurate record, but in 1927, lots of rain plus the railroad dam breeching at Draper, had usually been regarded as the highest the Medicine Creek had ever been, as it wiped out nearly every wooden bridge crossing in its path, including some Milwaukee RR trestles. However, those bridges were of quite short spans and the resulting wall of water probably was a large factor in the damaged bridges. The late Oris Authier, and Lonis Wendt of Vivian, marked the “high-water” level on the old Vivian bridge in 1993, when the water lapped up on the bridge surface but did not scour the bridge. Today’s flood is about 2 feet below the surface of the new bridge, which is 34’ longer than the old Highway 16 bridge.

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