October 13 2004

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Posted by Kim
Rooster rules the streets of Kennebec

Sightings of wild animals within the city limits of South Dakota towns are not unusual; everything from mountain lions to deer and pheasants have been reported. Towns here in Lyman County are no exception. Pen raised pheasants have been sighted running the streets of Presho while a feral hog, reportedly living along Medicine Creek, occasionally makes an appearance in the community of Vivian. The phenomenon of wildlife moving into towns has struck Kennebec. Town officials have been receiving reports from citizens that a rooster chicken is on the loose in Kennebec.
Sightings of the rooster, dubbed Roger Rooster by this writer, started shortly after Kennebec's Ag Day celebration June 19th. Following a short, but painstakingly thorough investigation it was determined that Roger was brought to town to star in a game of chance. This decidedly rural version of bingo involves a board with numbered squares placed under a wire cage containing in this case a rooster. The squares are sold to local betting type folks. The object of the game is to allow adequate time for the said rooster to 'do his business' and let the droppings fall where they may. The winner, the person whose name appears in the numbered square where the dropping fell, wins half the cash take. The game is thus titled chicken poop bingo!

The original owner of the rooster, who shall remain anonymous, announced at the beginning of the game that the winner of the chicken poop bingo would win the rooster in addition to half the take. The first board of numbers was sold out quickly after which 'Roger' was brought in. Accustomed to being king of his domain, a rooster known to get things done, he took no time at all in completing his task. The winner was declared, a local lady who knows how to count the cash, pocketed her winnings and quickly fled the scene leaving Roger Rooster behind. Ag Day organizers felt adequate time remained in the day for another round of chicken poop bingo. Another board of numbers was quickly drawn up, numbers sold, then placed under Roger's wire cage. Again, it was announced that the winner would also take home the productive rooster known as Roger. The second winner, a woman from the capital city, apparently didn't think her neighbors, including our state's governor, would appreciate a cocky crowing rooster like Roger taking up residence in Pierre, so she too fled with the cash.

Unwanted by the winners, Roger was left in his cage at the conclusion of Ag Day as the crowd wandered down Main Street to partake in the free barbecue at the firehouse. Details surrounding Roger's escape are sketchy. This writer believes, that while Roger may be confrontational and think he is cunning and clever he didn't escape that cage without outside assistance. But, so far no one has confessed to assisting in the breakout.

Nonetheless, Roger Rooster now calls the streets of Kennebec his home. Where he roosts at night is a mystery but rare sightings of Roger pecking on split grain near the elevator may indicate his hideout is near by. Brazen as he is, Roger shows no fear and doesn't run from fights with neither cat nor dog.

What the future holds for Roger is unknown, but with rooster 'pheasant' season approaching, and the fact that Roger has been loading up on all that free grain, his days on the loose may be numbered. He may just be mistaken for an albino pheasant.

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