January 05 2004

[b]Reliance news by Doreine Anderson[/b]

Posted by Kim
Carlton Peterson, Rapid City, spent Wednesday until Sunday in the parental Lyle and Leola Peterson home.

The UMC Sunday School Christmas program was held Sunday at church services and it was excellent.
The community expresses sympathy to the family and relatives of Dale Byre.

Robert Bartholow was a Sunday visitor in the Bob and Gladys Stewart home.

Weekend visitors in the Lyle and Leola Peterson home were Richard Quick and Becky Cole and Caitlin, Alliance, Nebraska, and Marcia Peterson, Kennebec, Darrin Peterson and Garret and Trenton. Visitors in the Loraine Suhl home during the week were Marilyn Wagaman, Alan Suhl, Donna Boe, Donna Peterson, Paula Buum, Chamberlain, LeRoy Wagaman and Santa.

Correction: Misinformation in last week's Herald reported Dick Black's death. He is alive and well!

Jim and Gloria Schaefer, Kennebec, hosted Sunday supper at Al's Oasis Cafe, Oacoma, for Francis and Wanda Schaefer, Mitchell, and Lyle and Leola Peterson.

The Schelske Christmas Party was hosted by John, Amber and Tristen Schelske Saturday with supper, and exchange of gifts in their home. Attending were grandparents Ralph and Janice Schelske; Steve, Ronda, Kara, Cole and Ryan Schelske; Wyatt, Michelle, Hayden, Logan and Allison Schelske, Kennebec and Jared Schelske, Kennebec.

Lyle Peterson, Richard Quick, and Royal and Carlton Peterson ate Friday supper at the Golden Buffalo Cafe, Lower Brule.

Saturday, Ila Wagner accompanied Colton Thelen to Pierre where she visited in the Jenny Volmer home and attended Jenny's Christmas cookie exchange party. She returned home with Cassie Thelen later.

Lee and Jean Anderson and Mary Taylor were in Mitchell Tuesday on business.

Myrna and Joe Kubik and Pat O'Shita, Chamberlain, were Sunday visitors in the Donna Boe home.

Gaylord and Sue Choal ate Sunday dinner out. They also attended the UMC Sunday School Christmas program.

Wayne Monson attended the Citizen's Flag Alliance meeting, Colome, Saturday.

Friday evening Gerald and Joyce Berg visited in the Roland and Billy Mae Peterson home.

The community expresses sympathy to the relatives of Leone Schooler, Pierre.

Sunday Ryan, Kara and Cole Schelske attended church with grandma Janice Schelske. In the afternoon they visited John, Amber and Tristen Schelske. Games were played.

The community expresses sympathy to the relatives of Dick Fletcher.

Friday Roland and Billy Mae Peterson, Bob and Gladys Stewart and Betty and Wayne Ellis attended the funeral of Leone Schooler, Pierre.

Ralph and Janice Schelske and Steve and Ronda Schelske attended the Middle School Musical Wednesday afternoon in Kennebec. Ryan, 7th grade, participated.

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