January 05 2004

[b]Square dancing tractors to entertain at Kennebec Centennial [/b]

Posted by Kim
By Lucy Halverson
Kennebec Town and Country Club has secured Nemaha Farmall Promenade to perform at the Kennebec 2005 Centennial Celebration.

The square dancing tractors will take to the street Saturday, June 18, 2005.

According to T & C Club President Don Miller, the square dancing tractors put on a great show. The Farmall Promenade was conceived in the small Iowa town of Nemaha, Iowa in January of 1998 as a way to draw people to their upcoming centennial celebration. What the 12 residents of this small town (pop. 120) created was a performance that has delighted hundreds of thousands of people across this country and around the world.

Square dancing itself is nearly a lost art and square dancing on tractors is something you must see to believe. Nemaha's gentlemen and their lovely ladies do their dances with eight antique tractors.

The show is complete with the patter of a square dance caller who directs them to swing their partners, promenade their ladies fair, grand right and left, and do-si-do.

Nearly half the needed funds have been raised to bring the Farmall Promenade to Kennebec's centennial celebration. Businesses or individuals wishing to donate towards this great farm related entertainment may contact Don Miller or any T & C Club officer.

Other centennial events were discussed.

The club is currently selling centennial caps, visors, t-shirts, and buttons to raise money and promote Kennebec's centennial. Anyone from out of town wishing to purchase items should contact a T & C Club officer. An "Ag Day" celebration was suggested. Discussion will continue next month on this idea. Any members interested in this type of event is encouraged to attend the T & C meeting to share ideas and promote Kennebec.

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