January 05 2004

[b]Iona News[/b] by Betty Shaffer

Posted by Kim
Sunday dinner guests and afternoon visitors of Merl and Edna Ellis were Tom and Kerri Desutter of Manhattan KS, Chas Hurd of Mitchell. Blanche and Walt Raschke were
Monday evening visitors at the Elliss. Arlyn Feyereisen, Theresa Vaughn and son Alan from Georgia were Monday visitors.
Alice Kreinbuhl visited one day at the Merl and Edna Ellis home.
May Fulwider and Ashley Fulwider went to the Iona school program Thursday evening. May went to the basketball game Friday at Gregory, they played Platte. Saturday May Fulwider visited Doris Lundberg at Rose Manor in Colome and Jo Hurlbert in Winner.
The Iona school program was hold Thursday evening December 18th at the Iona school to a full house. The theme was Holiday Wishes. Teacher JoAnn Serr and aide Marlene Smutny and music by Jean Moser. Cookies and apple cider was serviced.
Gwen and Dave Meinen went to Caylee Minens church program Sunday at the Winner Lutheran church. Fred Steppat and Joy Tyburec attended Caylees program at the Iona school Thursday evening.
Theresa and Alan Vaughn from Georgia flew to Nebraska Sunday. On Monday they came to the parental home of Arlyn and Linda Feyereisen. Caleb and Kaelee Feyereisen of Sioux Falls are also visiting. Arlyn and Melissa Feyereisen-from Sioux Falls came Wednesday.
Harold and Kathy Winter went to Presho Saturday night for a surprise 40th Anniversary party for Jay Dooleys. Nick Dooley, son of Jack Dooley is on leave from Kwait. Hes in the National Guard Unit from Watertown. Harold and Kathy attended the Iona school program on Thursday evening.
Sunday dinner and afternoon guests off rank and Jerrilyn Kenzy were Mike, Sandy, Britt and Blasius Steffen, Jerry and Linda Jensen of Gregory, Frances Jensen of Kimball, Melody Steele, Jacob and Tucker of Rapid City. Jacobs 2nd birthday was observed.
Guests Saturday evening in Buster and Marlene Schuiling home for an early Christmas were Wes, Sherri, Holly, Cody and Brandy Schuiling of Sioux Falls, Kristi Hamilton and sons of Gregory and Rod Schuiling. Tuesday Marlene Schuiling visited Laverne Salzmann in Burke. She also visited Frank Kreinbuhl at Silver Threads in Gregory. Laverne Salzmann and Penny Sperl visited Thursday afternoon at Schuilings.
Sunday guests of Bob and Barb Fenenga were Dean, Brandy, Sean and Aiden Fenenga of Watertown, Justin, Kerri and Preston Glammeir of Sioux Falls, Violet and Ed Ring, Esther Fenenga of Gregory, Rob, Heidi, Dillon, Tye and Keith Fenenga, Jody. Suzette, Siera, Colton and Laddi Johnson from Burke
Guests of Ralph and Millie Kenzy Tuesday evening for an early Christmas get together were Brett, Jesse and Gracie Kenzy, George, Shelly and Brooklin Kenzy of Gregory, Pat Kenzy, Ralph Houska, Sadie, Hannah, Allie, Jed and Dwayne Cooley of Platte.
Richard and Sally Shaffer and Betty Shaffer attended Cassandra Shaffers Christmas program of the Buffalo Flats school near Ainsworth. The program was held in the Long Pine auditorium and Mrs. Gibson is the other teacher of the school It was a very entertaining one hour long program. Lunch was served following the program and Santa Clause came and handed out sacks of candy for all the children. Paul and Ruth Vanden Boschs three grandchildren Matt, Jayne and Beth Barrow were in the program and their mother was the pianist. The Barrows also have a new three seek old baby. Nikki Matucha, Bailee, Santanya and Lahna and Lilly Whitney also went to the program They were overnight guests of Cassandra.
Jan Christensen was a Thursday night visitor in the Lily and Betty Shaffer home and Friday afternoon caller was Chad Christensen.
Sunday December 21 the Iona Methodist Church at the 9:00 AM Worship Service held the Wednesday Sunday school Christmas program seven children and two teenagers did their part to tell about candy canes and the meaning of joy. Betty Shaffer baked Jesus birthday cake decorated in candy canes. Joan Kenzy and Kristi Drey helped the children practice the play. A pancake brunch was held after the services.
A bridal shower for Curt Sinclair and Mandy Drake was held on the 14th of December in the Community Basement. Numerous readings were read and .a delicious cake was served

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