February 24 2004

[b]Iona News[/b] by Betty Shaffer

Posted by Kim
Kaleb and Kaelee Feyereisen spent from Wednesday until Saturday in the Arlyn and Linda Feyereisen home then Saturday Arlyn Jr and Malissa Feyereisen of Sioux falls came to the Arlyn and Linda Feyereisen home and their children returned home with them.
Ed and Violet Ring and Barb Fenenga went to Sioux Falls last Friday to attend the funeral of Vi Ring's Uncle Donald Karnes. He is the last of her parent's family. Then Ed, Vi and Barb went to the Washington Pavilion to the cinedome to see the Lewis and Clark film, an experience everyone should have. Then they visited with Brent and Eric Stewart of Sioux Falls and their son was celebrating his second birthday. Saturday Bob and Barb Fenenga and Kathryn Fulwider and Esther Fenenga attended the Valentine supper at the Congregational church in Gregory.

Sunday morning coffee guests in the Merl and Edna Ellis home were Linda Svoboda, Bob and Barb Fenenga, Arlyn and Linda Feyereisen.

Joan Kenzy went to Chamberlain Saturday afternoon and attended Jacia Kenzy's gymnastics competition.

Harold and Kathy Winter attended the Winter Square Dance Festival at Winner on Friday evening and Saturday, there were 8 callers and sixteen squares of dancers. This was hosted by the Colome Boots and Calico Club

Harold and Kathy Winter attended a surprise 40th birthday party and potluck supper for Tim Walker at the North Star Sunday evening.

Reed and May Fulwider accompanied Frank and Maryjane Fulwider to the basketball game at Colome on Tuesday evening and May also visited Doris Lundberg while they were in Colome.

Marvin Christensen was dismissed from the Gregory hospital Friday Morning and he was an afternoon caller in the Lyle and Betty Shaffer home. Thursday Jan Christensen was an evening caller and supper guest in the Lyle and Betty Shaffer home.

Dick and Sally Shaffer attended Tim Walker's 40th birthday party at North Star Sun night. Dick and Sally went to Sioux Falls Thursday and visited in the Ken and Laurie Shaffer home in Lennox on the way home.

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