March 02 2004

[b]Firemen resume work on Kennebec Firehouse [/b]

Posted by Kim
By Nicole Choal

Kennebec firemen resumed work on the inside of the new fire hall in February after bids for additional materials and labor were taken February 2, 2004.

Bowman Lumber of Ft. Pierre won the bid for building materials with a bid of $11,697. Moore Brothers Construction of Kennebec won the bid for plumbing materials and brick facing materials and labor at prices of $2,999 and $4,989 respectively. Dakota Builders Supply of Presho won the bid for the floor covering at $807, while PowerCom Electric won the bid for the electrical work at $14,998 (including heat and air conditioning for the conference room.

Volunteers have been working several nights a week to complete the inside work. Recently the firemen, along with other community members, have been working in the truck stall area putting up the ceiling, blowing insulation in the ceiling, and insulating the north and west walls. The tin needed to sheet the inside walls should be here at the end of the week. Work nights are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting at 6:30 pm. The Kennebec Women's Club have treated the workers to cookies, bars, and coffee. Fire Chief Don Manger commented, "Everything is going real well, we've had good turn out the nights we've worked. We really appreciated the coffee and goodies from the Women's Club as there is no heat in the building yet." Others who may not be able to donate labor have donated money. "We welcome any help anyone can give," stated fireman Rod Bowar.

The Kennebec firemen were awarded a Community Development Block Grant of $100,000 to help with the $280,000 projected total cost of the fire hall. To meet the additional funds needed, the firemen must have extra funding in in-kind or money donations. Work donated to the project counts towards in-kind. The firemen, along with other community members, have donated a total of 1,003 hours so far. The projected completion date is set for the first of June 2004.

Work began with the clearing of the site by the firemen in April of 2003. The construction bid for the frame and foundation work, which was awarded to Moore Brothers Construction, began in May. Building progress was slowed in August as over half of the framework blew over in a large wind gust. Moore Brothers finished the structural work at the end of September.

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