March 09 2004

[b]Local news from Presho[/b]

Posted by Kim
Wanda and Paul Sweeney returned home last week from a 3-week vacation to Arizona. They spent time visiting with Mike and Wanda Lee Sweeney, Martha and Bill Blake of Missouri, and Delores and Keg Pleuger of Iowa, who were also vacationing in Arizona.
The Sweeney's also spent time in Yuma visiting Wanda's brother Gene and Margie Halvorson. The couple also traveled across the border into Mexico.

Katie and Christopher Zirpel visited the home of Dennis Zirpel. Katie's birthday dinner guests were Marjean Reichert, Mitchell, Gina, Adam, Aaron, Abby Klumb, Dimock, Marlys Maege, Dimock, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Goehring, Parkston, Em and Mandy Bialas, Parkston, Mr. and Mrs. Lance Konrad, Jamie and Lane Konrad, Parkston.

Deanna and Rian Johnson flew into Sioux Falls Monday evening after spending
a week at Disney World. Saturday, Orlando, was the hot spot in the nation -
so they experienced a heat wave in March!! Deanna and Rian spent four days
with the Luck family at Disney World. The Lucks had driven up from Morehead
City, NC.

News from New Life Home

Friday, Feb. 27 - Father Ed came to visit Esther Cox and Martha Leichtnam. Yvonne Ehlers came to visit Martha.

Saturday, Feb. 28 - Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Smith and kids came to visit Ida Smith. Ruth Gilman went to coffee with Grace Wise.

Sunday, Feb. 29 - Ruth went to church with her granddaughter Syndi.

Monday, March 1 - Ruth went to coffee with Grace Wise.

Tuesday, March 2 - Pastor Lori Hope came to visit Ida. Tootie Bailey came to visit Martha.

Wednesday, March 3 - Ruth went to coffee with Grace.

Thursday, March 4 - Ruth went to coffee with Norma Johnson. Charlotte Mortenson and Deanna Sundall were here with Martha. Lorraine Smith came to visit Ida. Dick Smith came to visit Ida in the afternoon. Vicki King came to see Ruth and later went to lunch together.

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