March 24 2004

[b]Anderson hired as county field appraiser[/b]

Posted by Kim
By Lucy Halverson

Rollie Anderson, Kennebec, recently accepted the position of field appraiser at the Lyman County Director of Equalizations office.
The position is not new to Anderson. He was previously employed as a field appraiser from 1980-1982 under director Dennis Whitney. Since starting back at the equalization office March 8, 2004 Anderson has been reacquainting himself with the job. Anderson will appraise property for the purpose of taxation. "The work is familiar, but the use of computers has changed things. Everything was done by hand or typewriter 20 years ago," Anderson sated.

Anderson has 12 months to take the appraisers test and become a certified appraiser. The Certified Assessor Appraiser test is given by the South Dakota State Department of Revenue. Anderson will be working under a temporary certificate until he becomes certified.

Appraisers must stay up to date by attending annual workshops and conferences and be re-certified every five years.

Anderson and his wife Denise live on a farm about 3 miles west of Kennebec with their two children Jared and Courtney.

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