March 24 2004

[b]March winds cause dry topsoil to blow[/b]

Posted by Kim
By Lucy Halverson

The recent high winds and dry conditions have resulted in problems with blowing fields around the county. According to Bill Lengkeek of the Lyman County Highway Department dirt blowing across county and unorganized gravel roads and filling ditches has been reported all around the county.
Lengkeek brought the issue before the County Commissioners Tuesday, March 16th at their regular monthly meeting. The highway department plans to send out letters to offenders informing them of the problem.

"When dirt starts blowing across roads it ruins the gravel. It costs the county $6,000 per mile of road for gravel to be replaced and about $2,000 per mile for ditches to be cleaned out," stated Lengkeek. In addition he added that many times culverts will become completed blocked and also need replacing.

The county highway office welcomes and appreciates efforts by area farmers to control the blowing as it helps keep county road maintenance cost down.

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