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Tri-Bi-Quad Triathlon returns to Lyman County

Posted by Lucy

The Tri-Bi-Quad team of Megan (Kotz) Freier, Jack Miller and Roy Kotz took first place with a time of 70 minutes.

Tri-Bi-Quad Triathlon returns to Lyman County


After a 25 year hiatus, the  Tri-Bi-Quad Classic Team Triathlon resurfaced last weekend as part of Lake Byre Day near Kennebec. 
“We had a good group of participants, with five teams taking on the course,” said organizer Dean Reumann.
The Kotz family team took first place with a time of 70 minutes.  Roy Kotz was joined by his sister Megan Freier, who took the swimming leg of the race while Roy bicycled.  Another Ryan was set to be the runner but due to last minute changes could not make the race.  The team, scrambling to find a replacement Saturday morning, tapped Kennebec 7th grader Jack Miller to take on the 3-mile run.
Cade Johnon’s high school team of Jordan Jessop and Chesney Garnos were gaining on the Kotz team but a Roy’s strong bike ride put the winners into a lead that held up during their wandering canoe finish.
Johnson’s team took second place with a time of 76 minutes, followed by a Mitchell team finishing in 81 minutes.  KJ Ehlers, Randi Diehm and Tami McClanahan finished with the most impressive canoe time and ended in 95 minutes.  No finish time was recorded for the fifth team of John Uthe, Kristen Hamer, and Bethany Urban.
“A good turnout at Lake Byre Day cheered on the competitors,” said Reumann.  “Several people have  pledged to put together a team for next year’s competition.”


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