December 04 2013

A colorful mountain of milo greets travelers

Posted by Lucy

Travelers along I-90, near Kennebec, the past two months have witnessed the growth of a mountain of milo as Wheat Growers Elevator at Kennebec started piling grain in October.

As of Monday, December 2nd, there is approximately 721,000 bushels of milo on the ground.

The pile, is located on land, next to I-90, leased from GMH of Kennebec. While the pile looks like a extra large quantity of grain, manager Todd Longivlle said it’s about the same as last year.

“We have a couple producers still bringing in corn, but I think the milo is done,” said Longville.

Dry corn is being piled east of Kennebec near the rail road tracks on property owned by Ronald Moore.

The Kennebec elevator closed Thursday for Thanksgiving day but reopened for the entire weekend to continue accepting grain.

“I hope that was our last weekend!” added Longville.

Normally, the elevator is closed the day after Thanksgiving to allow employees to spend the holiday with family, but this year’s harvest has been extra long due to weather delays and a bumper crop.

Longville believes about 99 percent of the fall harvest is finished in the area.

Elevator employees will start picking up the milo and hauling it back to the elevator where it will be run through the dryer before it's stored or shipped out.

“We pretty much have all our contracts filled now,” said Longville when asked it they were trucking grain out of the elevator.

Grain prices are doing a little better now than before harvest, according to Longville, but the price remains about half of what it was last year. In 2012 when corn was selling for $7.18 a bushel, Monday it was $3.54 a bushel; milo was $6.82 a bushel last year, and just $3.39 this week at Kennebec.

“Harvest may still be going for some, but it’s finally wrapping up,” said Longville.

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