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Presho Guardsman completes mission to Washington, DC

Posted by Lucy

Presho Guardsman completes mission to Washington, DC
Lucy Halverson/LCH
As a relatively new member of the National Guard, Casey Uthe of Presho recently completed a memorable assignment. Uthe is a member of South Dakota National Guard’s Sioux Falls based 235th military police company, which was one of the many units present at the January 20 inauguration of Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States. The mission started Wed., Jan. 18 when the unit flew out of Sioux Falls to Washington, D.C. Uthe and his unit were housed at the FedEx Field, the home stadium of the Washington Redskins. I’d never been to Washington, D.C, or saw a big stadium like that either,” said Uthe. “We were on the fifth floor where the private suites are.” The guardsmen slept on cots set up in the hall, not in the suites. It was pretty nice,” said Uthe. On the day of the inauguration, Jan. 20, Uthe and his unit were up a little after midnight to prepare to arrive at their assigned gate location by 4:00 a.m. South Dakota’s military police unit assisted the Secret Service at the checkpoint along Pennsylvania Ave., one of the few not shut down by protesters. The protesters would group together and try to get in front of the gate to block people from getting in,” said Uthe. “The Metro police did a good job of keeping them out.” The unit returned to the stadium Friday evening and returned to South Dakota on Saturday. Uthe joined the 235th military police unit in December of 2015. This was his first mission. It was a privilege being there and serving,” said Uthe. “One I won’t forget.”

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