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City of Presho considers how to proceed with Terca gift

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City of Presho considers how to proceed with Terca gift
Lucy Halverson/LCH 
   A public input meeting was held at the Presho City Library Thurs., June 15 to discuss options for the $300,000 donation from the estate of the late Everett and Francis Terca.  
  Earlier this year, Presho Mayor Mike Sprenger was notified by an attorney that the Terca’s bequeathed a sizable amount of money to the city to build a new library, and name it in their honor.  
  It was noted by Mayor Sprenger that the Terca’s will was written in 2004, which was prior to the library’s move to the former Senior Citizen building on Main Street.  
  The library was in the old location at that time,” he said.  
  In 2004, the library was located in the old bank building that now serves as the Lyman County Herald office at 223 N Main. At that time, the building was in need of major repair, and was over-crowded with shelving and books.  
  The mayor and city council members thought the city has a much better library today than it did in 2004, and considered adding on to the current building a better use of funds.  
  The city council’s building committee, Colby Brakke, Bill Lengkeek and Carl Brakke met with members of the library board earlier, and they discussed the needs of the current library.  
  The two big things the library board wanted was a meeting/multipurpose room - not as big as the gym, but bigger than the community room at the fire hall - and a children’s area for story time and activities,” Colby Brakke stated. 
  Brakke put together several schematic diagrams to give people an idea of what an addition to the library would look like. The size ranged from 1,600 to 4,800 square feet. Brakke presented two options. The first was adding on directly behind the current library, out to the alley. Another option shows the addition at the back of the of the building but going north and south, extending into the next lot next door with the structure.  
  Jim Terca, a nephew of Everett and Francis, stated he thought the couple’s intentions were for a new building.  
  The way it reads to me, they wanted a new library built,” he said, suggesting the city could sell the current library building and build new. Terca stated he felt it was important that the city follow their wishes. 
  The current library is 40 feet by 60 feet and has a kitchen area, and restrooms. Depending on cost estimates, an addition as big as the current structure or perhaps larger could be built, more than doubling the size of the building. 
  Library board member Barb Coble stated she thought they could properly honor Francis and Everett’s wishes even if they don’t start completely new, but add on to what is already there. 
  We’ll have about a new facility when we get done, and name it after them,” she said. “I don’t feel like we would have gone against what they wanted.” 
  The majority of the group in attendance was in agreement that building on to the current library was the best use of funds. 
  It looks like our next step is to get an architect,” said Sprenger.  
  Colby stated he would have a request for a proposal (RFP) drawn up for the next city council meeting July 5 in order to start moving forward.  
  The estate’s attorney estimated it may be fall before the city receives any funds as property must be sold and the estate liquidated.

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