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Posted by Kim
Tuesday April 27, 2004

Future looks bright

Spring, a time of re-birth, an awakening of the earth from a long winter's nap. It appears that an awakening of a different sort is alive and well in Presho.

A drive down main street reveals two major residential home projects; the first is an existing home that recently had the basement replaced, the second is a complete new home that was moved onto an empty main street lot. Both will provide a new home to existing Presho families. Other main street home owners are cleaning their yards of overgrown bushes to improve the appearance and value of their property.

Further down the street, the local lumberyard, Dakota Builders Supply, is in the process of updating the front of their building with a new door and window. The Presho Area Chamber's remodeling project at the end of last year provided office space for Presho's newest business, a Certified Public Accountant

Travel the side streets of Presho and you'll find new building and remodeling projects scattered around town. From new garages, concrete driveways, and home fix up projects to major clean ups, Presho is alive with activity. This activity indicates that many Preshoite's believe in the future of their town.

In addition to the optimism in the residential sector, the business community is also seeing growth.

Statistics compiled by the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation show taxable sales from sales tax returns filed from the city of Presho have increased every year since 2001. While it's not a double digit increase, it is a positive number.

A dollar spent at a local business buys much more than the original goods and services. The dollar will be used to pay employees, purchase groceries or building materials, buy telephone service, or other goods and services which further stimulate our local economy. Every dollar spent locally will continue to pass from one local business to another until someone takes it out of town.

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