News Item: [b]Bowar helps lead S.D.'s Information Superhighway[/b]
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Tuesday April 27, 2004

Rod Bowar, Kennebec Telephone Company owner, has been elected to serve on the SDN Communications Board of Directors. South Dakota's independent telephone company managers chose Bowar to serve during industry meetings in Sioux Falls.

Kennebec Telephone is one of 27 companies that collectively own SDN Communications, which makes up South Dakota's Information Superhighway. SDN and its member companies have 5,000 miles of fiber optics in the state. The Sioux Falls based company provides:

Connectivity for voice, data, and video messages for business customers

Dedicated, high-speed Internet services

Computer and networking equipment

Technology consulting

SDN Communications has become the region's most extensive network specializing in serving banks, health care facilities, agricultural businesses, schools, government agencies and other businesses that have multiple locations. Many businesses with a single location also use SDN for high-speed Internet access.

Bowar joins eight others on the board

Mark Benton, Midstate Communications, Kimball

Jerry Heiberger, Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative, Clear Lake

Randy Houdek, Venture Communications, Highmore

Jerry Reisenauer, West River cooperative Telephone Company, Bison

Bryan Roth, McCook County Telephone Co., Salem

Don Snyders, Alliance Communications, Garretson

George Strandell Golden West Communications, Wall

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