News Item: Greater Lyman Foundation Reaches $153,674.57
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Wednesday November 02, 2011

Greater Lyman Foundation Reaches $153,674.57

      Recent donations have pushed the total cash donations for Greater Lyman Foundation to $153,674.57, as the Foundation continues its quest to raise its next goal of $200,000.

      Since the last public report of donations, an anonymous contribution of $500 was made in memory of Brian Murphy.

      Other contributions were made by Susan Hattle (in honor of her cousin Gordie Lillebo) and by Neil and Pat McNaughton & family.

      Recent memorials were also given by Jim and Carol Sundall, Herb and Deanna Sundall, Wayne and Dorothy Monson, Kim and Lucy Halverson, Ronald and Ruth McManus, Mike Sprenger and Carol Birgen, Justin and Lisa Jessop, Paul and LaVerne Olson, James Fulwider, Steve and Barb Roth, and Rodney Sather.

      Recent memorials have been made in memory of Robert Hutchison, Delmer Volmer, Bill Nye, Richard Bearley, Cliff Hight, Ken Walling, Leslie Hubbard, Lyle Schoulte, Johnny Smith, Buryl Walters, Vicki King, Leo Brodrecht, Don Lurz, Rosa Lamb, Jerry Vaad, Dorothy Brown, Glen Green, Gladys Manger, Elaine Jackson, Dennis Hubbard, Amos Fultz, Donna Monson, Noel Bingen, Terry Lewis, Angie Lewis, Mary Joan Peterson, Paul Sweeney, Dale Cook, Mike Schmidt, Katie Schoenhard, and Laina Barton.

      The Foundation recently conducted a shotgun raffle, which netted over $1,700 in net proceeds. The winner of the raffle was a hunter from Missouri who was generous enough to purchase a ticket.

      The Foundation is appreciative of all donations, according to Board Chairman Herb Sundall. Sundall reminds local farmers that it is also possible to make an in kind gift to the Foundation of bushels of grain. The Foundation then sells the grain in its name. In addition to the gift the farmer avoids paying tax on the sale of grain. “At today’s prices giving a gift of 100 bushels makes a very nice gift to the Foundation”, stated Sundall. Persons interested in such an in kind gift should contact a director of the Foundation.

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