News Item: Wheat Growers ready to build when rail rehab is announced
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Monday July 07, 2014

Wheat Growers ready to build when rail rehab is announced

Caption Dale Locken, CEO of Wheat Growers Cooperative, used a slide show to explain the company’s plans to build a $40 million load out facility in Lyman County once the rail line is upgraded.   Local patrons attended the meeting held at the Kennebec fire hall Tuesday, June 24. Other meetings were held in Reliance, Presho and Winner.

Representatives from South Dakota Wheat Growers Elevator, including board president Hal Clemensen and CEO Dale Locken spoke at several community meetings held across Lyman County last Tuesday to explain the company’s intent to build a grain shuttle facility in the county.
Clemensen clarified with attendees that a building site had not yet been selected. 
“Despite any rumors you may have heard we have not picked a site,” said Clemensen during his opening comments.
Wheat Growers has publicly committed to building a $40 million facility along the rail line west of Chamberlain if the line is upgraded to heavy rail.
See the July 2, 2014 issue of the Lyman County Herald for the full story.

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