News Item: Kennebec to celebrate Lake Byre; DayTriathlon set for Saturday
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Posted by Lucy
Wednesday August 20, 2014

Kennebec to celebrate Lake Byre Day

A weekend of summer fun is in store for those attending the annual Lake Byre Day Saturday, August 23 at the lake approximately three miles north of Kennebec.
The recreation area around the lake features several camp sites, with electricity, for overnight camping. 
The annual event features outdoor games throughout the day and a potluck picnic supper at 5:30 pm with the meat furnished. Attendees are welcome to bring a salad or dessert to share. 
The local Modern Woodmen of America camp will match a ½ and ½ raffle to raise funds to purchase picnic tables for the lake recreation area.  See a scheudle of events on page 3.

Triathlon set for Saturday

For the second year in a row, the Tri-Bi-Quad Classic team triathlon will be held in conjunction with Lake Byre Day at Kennebec Saturday, August 23.
The event, which features a three person team, starts at 10 am with the swimming leg of the race. The designated swimmer for each team will swim 300 yards across the lake. On the beach the swimmer tags off to the team’s runner for the 3-mile run. As the runners finish, they tag off to the team’s biker for a 8.5 mile ride on gravel, dirt and asphalt. As the bike ride ends the biker joins the other two members of the team for a 1/2 mile canoe course on the lake.
If you plan to participate and need a canoe, contact Dean Reumann at 730-0235. An entry fee will be charged.

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