News Item: Presho residents asked to participate in community survey
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Posted by Lucy
Wednesday April 04, 2018

Presho residents asked to participate in community survey

   Presho Mayor Mike Sprenger announced this week that Presho residents should expect a phone call from representatives of the city conducting a one-question survey that could lead to reducing the city’s costs for the planned sewer project. And, he encourages everyone to participate. 
   The question that will be asked is whether your annual household income is above or below $49,091. If over half of Presho households have an annual household income of less than $49,091, the city could qualify for reduced interest rates or additional grants from the state to fund the sewer project. 
   Annual household income is the total taxable wages in a household. Farmers, ranchers and other business owners should base their household income on their wages earned, not the business’ gross income. 
   Mayor Sprenger emphasized that answers are confidential and not attached to any person’s identity. No respondent’s answer will be data verified. 
   I encourage everyone who is contacted to respond. It is important we have a complete survey so that we can determine our eligibility. Additional state assistance would lower the amount the city would need to increase everyone’s sewer rates in order to pay for the sewer replacements,” stated Sprenger.

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